So hot

I’m a 22 year old girl who loves the sight of a huge hard cock. I’m crazy for the way a big dick stands up tall when I play with it. My pussy gets wet when it springs back up hard when I push it down. It looks so yummy when the guy doesn’t have to touch it but it still sticks up it the air.

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  • U should suck him when he’s not hard and feel it grow in your mouth. I love doing that.

  • I’ve done that it does feel great . It’s a power trip for me. I’m only 22 not sure how old you are, but do you have experience licking a guys butthole? If so tell me how and what it’s Ike - thanks

  • It’s great right! I love to be slapped in the face with a big dripping dick. The thought makes my mouth water . I like tea bagging the huge balls too

  • I'm a 38 year old married man who feels the same way.

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