Is my step-daughter making a move on me?

OK so....a couple of weeks ago, it was about 2am, I'd just finished a great fuck with my partner and nipped to the bathroom quickly before I got settled down back in bed with her. Being 2am I was sure her 12 year old daughter would be well asleep upstairs so walked there naked.

As I opened the bathroom door to go back to our room, my 2am eyes took far too long to recognise my step-daughter in the darkened doorway, and I basically stood 10cm from her naked with a semi hard cock still for what must have been about 5 seconds before covering myself and hastily getting to our room.

Was laughed about it the next day with her, but she seems to have been flirting with me ever since, giving me more little smiles than normal and has since (never asked before) asked me to help her undo her bra sometimes when she's been getting ready for bed. I know it's probably my mind misreading things but I've also had a few moments fancying flashing her again! Very wrong I know but in a bizarre way kind of turns me on!

My fingers have glided across her back a little on the occasions I've helped the bra strap off and she's always smiled with an almost cheeky wink as I'm leaving her room - often quickly if I have blood moving down below! ;-)

As long as no-one is hurt and it doesn't go too far is there any harm?

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  • No nothing wrong with this. Maybe you could let her catch you MB. She’s young and curious and it’s sweet if she can see you do this. As long as you don’t touch her it should be ok.

  • She is out of bounds and you should stop anything that may be considered sexual.

  • There is nothing wrong at all! This is perfectly fine, if this is something she would like, it better you an experienced lover than some yo yo who doesn't know what they are doing. Try undoing her bra and sliding it off, this time as you do give her breasts a firm cup, don't linger to long. Happy to help here

  • My step Dad always said I was making a move on him, but I swear I wasn’t. He made a move on me.

  • What did he do? How did it make you feel?

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