Kissing Wife

I want my wife to use her mouth to get another man hard and I want to kiss her while he is fucking her. After he has come inside her I want to lick all of his come out of her before I fuck her. Then I want the guy to fuck her again. I have told my wife that I want to do this and she spoke with a guy at the grocery store and he is coming over later tonight after the kids are asleep. My wife is asking me if I really want to do this because she thought that we had something special since we have only had sex together. I just told her that I really want to do this and I want this guy to be the first of many guys that fuck her. I want her to have sex with a hundred guys while I will only have sex with her.

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  • Me and my wife talked about this and it happened early last year.The guy was someone she kinda knew already so that part was easy.It was one hell of an awesome experience too

  • You are crazy

  • There’s no better feeling than sloppy seconds, especially anal seconds.

  • There is no better sex than the mfm threesome. It’s my favorite. Please let us know how it goes because I’ve only had great experiences.

  • Is it possible that maybe you want to help her pleasure those hundred guys?

  • Really, man, that's what I always ask ! Down deep, they know they really want to suck it straight from the source !

  • I'd love hear the outcome of this. Did you go through with it? Please email me

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