More of my Knight in shinning armmer

Well it's me Cassie from Lakeland FL.last Saturday night I a call from my Knight and he ask if I would like to go to dinner with him I said yes of course so he ask if I could wear something black and short and I said yes so I got a black mini skirt pantyhose thongs bra shoes all black got ready and knocked on my door I got the door open there stood a sexy mountain of a man with a dozen roses I almost cryed he came in and said you look beautiful and really sexy I thank him put the roses in water and off we went and we pulled up to the place where we going to have dinner a 5 star place in Orlando I look ed at him and said are you sure he yes I am so I was for people to start looking and saying things after I am a crossdresser but it was not like that at all we enjoyed dinner and we left and he ask me to spend the night with him I said ok so we get to his place and have couple of drinks and danced for a little while then he pick me and carried me to the bedroom and it got very hot and heavy then when I got that huge cock out and started sucking it and then those huge balls I was in heaven then he rolled me on my side and so gently put that huge cock inside me and made so sweet love to me it made have multiple orgasms and we did it over and over for hours and when this man cummed I could could feel that hot cum going deep inside me and it made me cum to then we went out side on his back porch and he rap me in his arms and told thank for the best night ever and told no I should be saying that to you and he pick me up and put huge cock back me and it was so great but after that it was bed time so when I wake up in the morning there looking in the face was a dozen roses and a very sexy nighty so I got up went took a shower got all made up and the nighty on and went out here good morning sexy and gave the biggest soft kiss I ever had made me breakfast and ask if I wanted to go home I said no if ok with I like to spend the day with you and he said that's great and there is more to come bye for now thanks for reading and commenting

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  • Oh!! Cassie, you are such a naughty girl aren't you!! You love talking about wearing your girly clothes, but is this fact or fiction.
    I am a transvestite and I adore dressing in silky girly clothes and being loved by a gorgeous hunk. The feeling of being spunked by a thrusting hot penis is bliss!!
    What happened the following day Cassie, please tell?
    Love Chiffon Sissy

  • Yes this is fact it really happened and him and me have very much fun together

  • I went to a Halloween party dressed as a knight. I met a hot girl there and we went behind the bushes. I had on hell of a time getting the suit off with my boner. Hurrying, I ended up breaking my dick.

  • Haha, I had sex with someone that had the same costume as my bf. Later that night my bf asked if I saw the couple having sex in the living room, that’s when I knew it wasn’t him, I blame the alcohol

  • I went to a costume party dressed as Iron Man. Another dude there had on the same costume. I knocked him out behind the old oak tree. Then I found his wife talking with some other girls at the party. I grabbed her. pulling her behind the bushes with me.

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