What my husband don't know can't hurt him?

I love to be ravished, forced to strip and taken hard, fast and rough, not like the vanilla stuff my husband dishes up for me, he can't last more than 3 pushes in my tight pussy, he always tells me I have a tight one, not surprising love when your penis is so small! I love to be dominated, held, bound, blind fold, you name it I love it, however hubby isn't in to it, my lovers all spank my naked bottom until it's red and tingling, which I love, they make me do things that my husband would never even think of and possibly would think not normal.

I sometimes I wonder how I ended up with such a wimp?

He has never licked my cunt and shows little interest in letting me suck his tiny penis, the only thing he does get enjoyment out of is removing my panties before he gets on top of me and cums before I could honestly feel him inside me? I love it when one of my lovers takes in in the back seat of his car.

He tells me to get into the back of the car and remove my clothes. He does this while driving and I strip naked in the car for anyone to see me even with the tinted windows! He parks up and he joins me in the back, I am totally nude, I love the feel of the leather seats against my bear skin. He fucks he to an orgasm and leaves me in the back while he drives me home. Bliss


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  • My wife is Car Whore. I take her for a ride in the country. She's naked before we're out of town. I tease her pussy and she cums like a Dollar Night Whore.
    I pull over on a dirt road and dick down her wet pussy. Feels like sloppy seconds. if we have to be somewhere I make her drive or we'll never get there.
    You never know it, she comes off like a wholesome country girl wife who's tits got too big. But on vacation she really lets loose, where no one knows her -- thong bikini -- plenty of cleavage top, bottom, sides -- slut outfits at clubs. Bouncer told me she could go but I can't -- 100 guys will be all over her and you'd get in fight. We get home and it's back to plane housewife outfits, her girlfriend calls her Sister Sally Big Tits.

  • Look me up at kengellinger2@gmail.com and I'll tell you all the dirty things I would do to you !!

  • My husband is small and I love being stretched. He can't last more than a minute before he's done, I am left hanging and furious. When my father's friend has my panties off, he's spitting on his dick to ease it in, as it's painful for a while

  • My husband doesn't know what I've gotten up to during lockdown.I've needed hard-core distractions and he hasn't been meeting my needs.So with the excuse of helping a few vulnerable people I hooked up with a friend and we met at an empty house she had access to.She got a couple nice guys round.They took turns on us going from one room to an other pounding us as much as they could give and we could take.Never had sex like that before or even that much in a year.Both guys loved my pussy and knew I was married and were in agreement that married pussy deserves to have cum dumped in it.So I let them and it was the most fulfilling feeling ever.Lost count of how many O's I had,they were all intense too.

  • What my dumb ass stupid wife don't know won't hurt her or will it. The fact that I am a flaming cock sucking taking it in the ass homo. I laugh every time she sucks my cock and just hours before I was fucking my male lover. Or when she begs me to make out with her and I was just sucking a nice big cock and swallowed a huge load of yummy hot cum. He he looks like the joke is on her and in more ways than one. I will suck a strangers cock then kiss my wife letting her tongue snake through out my mouth that just was filled full of some strangers jis. Who's the dummy now.

  • Jesus fuck it’s bare not bear, wtf?

  • "my tight pussy, he always tells me I have a tight one, not surprising love when your penis is so small!"

    This comment makes no sense. If your pussy was THAT tight around a SMALL penis, then you would never be able to take an average penis, let alone a large one. I'm guessing you're not even a woman, because you talk like a boy.

    Reading some of the other comments, doesn't sound like others are buying your bullshit either. LOL

  • Yeah,yeah. Us men can too you know.

  • So true.When I left my husband and moved out I told my friend that I'm gonna miss out on regular dick,even if it was crap.
    She said give a couple hours.A little later I heard a knock on the door. Cute guy standing there.He said he was asked to pay me visit.I was absolutely shocked she did it but delightfully nervous too.I invited him in and had a little chitchat.Then he told me to take my clothes off.

  • He tells you that you have a tight one, which isn't surprising because his penis is so small ? Makes no sense, really . You must've worked yourself into quite a state to have come up with that twisted reasoning. LOL !

  • Right, I was thinking the same thing when I was reading his bullshit story. That makes no sense.

  • Uh, uh, uh, huh, huh, huh, ugh, ugh, ugh. OK I'm done.

  • If you are really a women it sounds as if your really just a bit of a dog who married a guy knowing full well he could not handle you yet you still married him .

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