Random hookup

All of a sudden I have this desire to get young girls preferably 20 yo white girls, pregnant...making hot sweaty love....her leg over my shoulder......roll playing
......cumming inside her 4xs haha till she cant take no more.....fucking the shit out of her missionary style..balls deep...making her my girl!

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  • I was at a concert (ACDC) with some friends. Dude everyone was drunk and the place was fucking rocking. I had to take a piss, so I slip off figuring I would be right back. I'm headed to the restroom and I bump into this girl, no idea who she is. She's alone waiting for her friends to come out of the bathroom. I tell her sorry for bumping into her but instead of being pissed or accepting of my apologies, she fucking kisses me. No idea why I said this, probably beer balls, but I ask if she wants to fuck. She says yes and leads me by the hand down one of the outer halls to a handicap private bathroom. We step in, she unzips her pants and pulls them down bending over the sink. I pull my pants down and shove my dick in her. So we are fucking and she's slamming back against me saying harder, harder. I smack her ass and she's loving it. I'm into fucking her as hard as I can that I fucking start cumming. I grab her ass and pull her hard on my dick shooting deep Inside her. She must have liked me cumming or pulling her on me, or both, because she orgasmed right then. I pull out and we both zip up. We no more than step out of the bathroom and she sees her friends looking for her at the end of the hallway. She turns and says "that was fun, I got a go...... oh, by the way I'm not on any birth control". I tried to say WHAT and asked for her name, but she just ran off. I have no idea if she was telling the truth or not. I have no idea if she had my kid or not. Hell, I have no idea what this girls name is or how to even contact her. I may have a kid out there and not even know who they are.

  • Nice story bro! More likely she's with child with your kid, be proud man!!

  • I'm not negro if thats what you're implying, I am proudly Japanese/native mixture.

  • So, why don't you seek out some other red, squinty-eyed fucks to fuck ? Keep that fine bloodline going ?

  • I've been having some serious pregnancy fantasies lately. Getting women pregnant and sex with pregnant women.

  • You have big ideas of re-peopling the world with your fecal-toned progeny, and like a typical sub-Saharan playuh, will never accept financial or paternal responsibility for ANY of them. May you fall far, far short of your goal and run afoul of angry white dads with guns.

  • This reminds me of such a great time in my life. We had two kids, and were about to get married. My husband was working a lot and knew we’d have no time after the wedding so he suggested we have a honeymoon first. I really wanted another baby, and he had just experienced “dogging” while on a business trip. So we went to the UK and I got fucked by SO MANY black guys with English accents it was SO HOT! And lol I didn’t get pregnant! But a month later he brought home some guy he’d met at the liquor store and he put a beautiful black baby in my beautiful white pussy. 7 months later I had Ninny. We saw her sperm dad a few months later, panhandling outside the liquor store. We never told her who her sperm Dad is.

  • Gross you made a nasty choice

  • Wasn’t my choice, it was my husband’s. It’s always his choice. Learn to swallow.

  • My girl, my girl, my girl. Talkin' bout my girl. My Girl.

  • What's wrong with that? The guy is being honest!

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