One of my fantasies

So...I have this fantasy of having sex with my girl while another couple is in the same room doing the same. I sometimes fantasize about swapping partners, and sometimes just watching another couple fuck. I talked to my girlfriend about this. She said it would be hot to fuck in the same room as another couple. I definitely love the thought of all this, also swapping partners. Fucking someone else while watching my girl get railed gets me crazy horny. I dont know if its something I'd ever do but for right now it's a great fantasy. Has anyone else had this fantasy or acted on it and had positive results? As in no fighting, jealousy or breaking up. Would love some honest feedback. I've noticed like other sites there are trolls on here so i guess I'll use my judgment on what's true and what's bullshit.

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  • Me and my girl did the sex in the same room as her friend and her friends bf.First session went well I think.Even though I think I didn't get my girl off.Her friend and bf looked pretty hot fucking,she was hot and her bf had a bigger dick.We had drinks and smoked weed while the girls walked around naked.The second round began and it was going ok until I came but then couldn't get hard again.My girl tried sucking me but I still wouldn't get hard.So we watched them and my girl rubbed her pussy.I could tell she was frustrated.I didn't even make her cum and her friend was moaning and definitely had a couple orgasms.So eventually I passed out and when I woke up it was dark and they were all gone.I got up and went into the back room.Then at the bottom of the stairs I heard the unmistakeable sounds of people fucking.In my gut I knew but I had to go see.I crept up quietly and spied.And I saw both girls side by side on their knees.My girl was waiting while her friend got fucked then he pulled out and entered my girl.My heart almost stopped.He began pounding her hard and she was instantly moaning and enjoying it.Her and her friend kissed each other.I watched as much as I could take then went back down.I sat on the bottom step where I could hear and started tugging on my now hard cock.

  • Do you and your girl have mutual friends that are a couple? Try bringing it up. A gf of mine in HS was friends with a girl who was dating a friend of mine. The four of us hung out a lot together, doing regular things mostly, but we'd go to my friend's house and get laid too while having same room sex. We never swapped, but I always enjoyed looking at my friend's girl. She had great tits and looked great getting fucked. I never told my gf that, because I didn't want her to get upset. Those were fun times.

  • We a have mutual friends that are couples, I've brought that up but my girl doesn't want to do anything with them.

  • We have enjoyed sex in the same room with another couple...
    Start off softly so you can test the waters annd take it from there...
    Good Luck!

  • Thank you. Im looking forward to it!!

  • Maybe start without swapping, and then slowly build up to it.

  • I'll try that

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