Are Bi Women more acceptable than Bi Men? Why

It seems to me that Bi women are very acceptable in both fantasies and in real life but Bi men do not seem to be as acceptable both in fantasies and in real life.

Why is that? In your opinion what is the reason for this view? I’ve known women who are Bi or have had Bi experiences that even seem to be put off by the idea of Bi men.

Any responses are appreciated.

I am a male and while I have never had a male on male experience and I do not think I ever would, I do admit that I have fantasied about having Bi and Gay experiences. I have had a MFM 3 sum where the woman in the 3sum got all of the attention. Other than putting my cock in the same place as the other guy’s cock had been we never touched our cocks.

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  • Yes. It's a weird prejudice. Weird because women who have experience with bi guys (this was a study reported) say bi men are better lovers. But many of those women are bi as well.

  • Because, for generations, people of both genders have considered lesbianism to be beautiful and homosexual relations between men to be ugly and disgusting. Bisexuals are considered to be more dangerous as far as spreading disease because of not limiting their relations to one gender, but, statistics show that to be untrue. And, yes, many if not most straight women think a bisexual is just a "half-fag", and not much of a man, at all. My wife falls into this category. I asked her if she wanted to fuck a bisexual friend of mine who was hot for her and she demurred, " No, if I'm going to fuck somebody else, I want it to be a REAL man ! " So, it was quite funny to me that her REAL MAN lover's favorite thing to do was shoot his cum into the husband's mouth, and ride the husband's ass while the wife watched.

  • Yes. Because a straight woman will touch another straight woman sexually and neither one cares. A straight guy would take a bullet to the head before touching another guy sexually. Think I'm wrong, then ask yourself why women go to the bathroom together, but guys have an unwritten rule that calls for a one urinal buffer at all times.

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