I Love Cheating and Fooling Around

I'm an older woman I won't say my age but I'm mature lets leave it at that. I have been cheating on my husband for several years now. It just happened and I enjoyed it a lot. I like feeling wanted by other men. I like being pursued and the game of it. I like the feeling of doing something I know that I'm not supposed to be doing. It really turns me on fucking around on my husband. He doesn't suspect anything at all. He's pretty dumb when it comes to things like this. I have even fucked another man right under his nose. Yep he's that stupid. I like the way it makes me feel. It's like being a teenager again and sneaking around. I have given head to one of our neighbors at a cookout in their garage. I fucked a man who came to service our furnace also. Boy I made his day. I love cheating and getting away with it. I love giving head and having my pussy fingered and played with. Love being licked and I enjoy a good quick fast fuck. You know like when someone raises up your dress and pulls down your panty hose and then gives you a good stiff hard cock? Oh my I love being a bad girl behind my hubby's back. He is just so preoccupied that he probably wouldn't notice me getting fucked right while he's watching television. Lately I have been thinking about fucking a young college aged guy. Kind of like Mrs. Robinson from the movie The Graduate. Now that would be my way of having a good time.

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  • Its the excitement of the thing.

  • Yes it is. I agree with you whole heartedly. And I'm enjoying it.

  • I had that a few times , at parties or office functions. There is nothing like having someone when your spouse is in the next room or downstairs or in the back yard. I never came so hard in my life..

  • You go babe ! wish i had a wife such as you , my second wife would do any one in sight ! men and women , then i found her in bed with her younger son , that was it . i left her ....

  • It's like this in my house. I have the pussy I make the rules. My husband obeys me not the other way around. The way God meant it to be. She is all powerful you know.

  • Yes! Thats how it is for us too! The pussy makes the rules and the pussy gets whatever cock she wants!

  • I love this. Men need to know that us ladies can fuck around also. Husbands you are dully put on notice. We your wives and girlfriends can do what we like when we want from now on. Yeah how do you like that. Power to the women!

  • I also cheated on my husband when our marriage and sex life got stale. Then I ended things with him but he still wouldn't get the picture. So I had a nice young boyfriend round to service me. My husband walked in on us as that lovely young man was 9 inches balls deep in me. We were both about to climax together when he interrupted us. He tried grabbing my lover who pulled out of me and grabbed him by the throat and pushed him to the floor and told him to sit down and watch how your wife likes to be fucked.My hubby was clearly shaken but could do nothing else but sit quietly and watch as that hot young stud slid his gigantic manly cock into his wife and destroy her pussy giving her a full orgasm followed by him dumping the biggest load of cum into her unprotected vaginal cavity.

  • Good girl

  • Lucky you are a teenager. A teenage boy who doesn't have anything better to do than write bullshit.

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