Wife's pictures 2

My wife has really gotten into this sexual thing. She loves when I take her pictures and post them on the internet. She has bought all kinds of sexy outfits for her pictures. She really likes seeing her pictures on the internet. I have posted pictures of her sucking my cock and licking my balls. She likes those the best. I tell her how naughty she is and she loves it. She jerked me off onto a plate and had me take pictures of her licking my cum from the plate. She wants me to cum on some food so I can take pictures of her eating the cum covered food. I can hardly wait....

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  • Where can we see the pics?

  • Awsomerobin666@gmail.com

  • Check out truthordarepics.com there a great place to put pictures like you’re describing

  • Take a video of her eating out your asshole

  • I was taking some sexy pics of my mom for her to post on a dating website. First she was in a tiny lime colored bikini. The color made her nipples really stand out. Next she was in some sexy lingerie. Mom mom was getting turned on by the bulge in my pants. I was getting horny taking the pics of her. Before we were done, we were on the bed. We fucked like crazy animals!

  • Wow that's so hot where can I see her photos ? Record674@gmail.com

  • Did you ever get the pics?

  • Wow luck guy!! I would love to see those as well!! Share where you are posting them!! I wanna stroke my cock looking at that!!

  • I would love to see her pics. Please email me sphiil@aol.com

  • My wife had ALWAYS told me I could never take a picture of her naked. Then one day about 3 years ago I had my phone out and she trying to get in the shower. I kept saying I was going to take a pic if she removed her bra. She meanwhile kept telling me to leave. Finally she just pulls her bra of and says there you go. I about died that she let me take a picture of her tits. Later that night we were having sex and I just grabbed my phone and started recording. She asked me what I was doing and I said making a sex video. She never stopped me.
    Truth is women want their guys to take nude and sex videos of them, even if they say otherwise. They like the fact their man is jacking off to them.

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