Came on her belly

I took a single mom home one night. She was hot, 40 years old but tight ass, thin waist, and perky tits. She was a sexy feisty and arrogant latina. I loved it. We watched movies and then we started making out. I pulled her shirt off, sucked on her tits. Licked her neck and ear. I pulled my dick out but she did not want to blow me!!

So I sat over her legs and started jerking off. I wanted to aim for her face. But it only took a few seconds before I started cumming like a beast. All of my cum fell on her stomach and I remember even her belly button with filled with semen. She was grossed out which turned me on even more. She deserved all that cum on her belly for being a little stuck up b*tch.

I can still remember all that fresh white cum dripping off her belly and on the side of her waist. Hot mess!!

I helped her clean up and dropped her off at a stop and shop lol

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  • I love to cum on their ass hole.

  • I would always pull out and cum on mom's belly as we had sex. Mom didn't like condoms, but wanted bareback. I wanted to cum in her, and knock her up so decided to started cumming a little in her before I pulled out.

    She didn't realize it. 2 months later she was pregnant. He have a daughter mom was 39 I was 15. After that I came in her all the time for the last 17 years.

  • If you pulled her shirt off and started sucking her nipples, you could have fucked her too. A little more effort and you could have been cumming inside her pussy instead of on her belly.

  • Thats okay. She had kids and I didnt want to be her third husband.

  • No matter how much you cleaned and wiped, the pages of that magazine will always stick together !

  • LMAO

  • I wish i could do that same

  • The hot latina women are amazing. I picked one up at the sports bar I go to one night. Ass-length, jet-black hair, pretty face and smile, killer-long, dark red nails, and that "wrong side of the tracks" attitude about her. We chatted, drank a few, and she suggested "Netflix and chill?", meaning, her place for sex.

    We left, got to her place, and started messing around on the couch. I had her shirt off in minutes, and pants and thong undies off next. I finished with her, and had an urge to treat her like the slutty, latina whore she was (from the time we met until I had sex with her was maybe an hour and a half, including travel to her apartment..She'd clearly done this before and was a slut), and hovered over her. She smiled and said "What are you going to do to me?", and I let loose on her tummy and tits, making a bit of a mess on her.

    We both stood up, my stuff dripping down her body, took a shower together, and I left.

  • Yeah I have actually done cumshots on women on a one night stand several times. Its a good feeling!!

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