Give it to me Big Boy

I sometimes fantasize by being dominated by a big strong man. Some of my favorite men to think about are Jean Claude Van Damme or Dolph Lundgren (Especially him). Thinking of his amazing physique for He-Man. I love the idea of him taking me mercilessly, ripping my clothes off but gently holding me. He makes me feel so tiny and delicate. I want to worship his muscles by touching him all over and massaging him. He's sculpted like a god and I want him so desperately. I wrap my arms around his neck and he presses me down on my back. His wide shoulders and strong chest makes me swoon, then he pins my wrists down so I can't move away (not that I could escape him if I wanted to). His muscles in his arms flex as he forces me down. My face turns red from ear to ear as he tells me all the nasty things he's going to do to me. I can feel the urgency in his movements as he starts to grope me. His hands knead my breasts and I begin to whimper, his cock springs forth when he pulls down his underwear. ( Blessedly not a casualty to steroids) and I can feel my cunt quiver. I feel so full with his cock as he penetrates me for the first time. I get both frightened and excited when he bears more of his weight down on me. His body is so solid and I can closely see the sexy slope of his neck and shoulders. His gorgeous jawline is just too tempting and I kiss along his jaw to his soft, full lips. He tastes so sweet and I moan into his mouth as he begins to thrust inside me... It hurts but I can't resist him. The pain is as deliciously as acute as the pleasure when the head of his cock repeatedly teases that sensitive bundle of nerves inside me. My small tight pussy welcomes him in and I writhe against him. His body tenses more and more as he edges closer to his orgasm. With him I feel so exposed and vulnerable and I like it. I can feel myself getting tighter and I begin to scream as my orgasm rips through me. He cums inside me and the bittersweet moment of completion sets in. It's an experience I will never forget.

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