Sexless marriage, think of my exgf

My wife is very hard to turn on and have sex with. Once while trying oral, she took off into the bathroom and brushed her teeth. Then came back into the room and said "sowwy" like a little kid. And every time I try to turn her on, she just isn't 'into it' but will repeatedly say "I wanna fuck Pitbull" or have his baby or something. I feel it insulting that she just does whatever to avoid having sex. We have been married for two years and we only have had a full sex session once. The day after our marriage.

So now I think of my exgirlfriend from 2009 in Chicago that gave me the best sex I ever had. She was so damn sexy and if she wasn't crazy, we would have been married. Hair like Shakira, Swedish and Italian decent, green eyes, olive skin, perfect breasts that she could suck on, a perfect full round ass, and athletic legs. She also had the sweetest 'honey' I ever tasted.

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  • Hopefully you talked to your wife and was honest about what you wanted and how she makes you feel and how the things she does and doesn't do make you feel.

  • Was in a sexless marriage, too. My now ex-wife just wasn't into sex at all, and when we did, it was very basic, straight-on, and mechanical. I met a sexy, beautiful nurse at a bookstore one afternoon, we hit it off, and became friends and sex partners. Started having sex with her less than a year after I was married. She got me going like nobody else, to the point I didn't want sex with my wife. Only the nurse.

  • I would investigate if your wife doesnt get her needs otherwise met. in my experience, a girl who has no urges at all to sleep with her husband, has a backdoor man. or shes really kinky and doesnt know how to approach you

  • I love married men in sexless marriages. The sex is naughty

  • No it is wrong. Their is nothing naughty about doing something you are going to have to answer for one day and no one else will show up to help you either.

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