Caught wife cheating

My wife is really into gardening. She spends hours outside working on it. Our neighbor is into it too. He's a divorced older guy who is always out there working on his garden and yard. I see him out there chatting with my wife often, and sometimes they will help each other out. My wife said she was going over to help him plant some seeds and I said fine.

After a couple of hours I looked out back and our neighbor was sitting on his outdoor bench with my wife rocking her hips on him reverse cowgirl, fucking the shit out of him. I was upset, but didn't go out, and I let them finish. When my wife came back in I said, "When you said you were helping him with seeding, I didn't fucking think that you would be the one getting fertilized."

She was a little embarrassed and apologetic, and said that she felt a little horny from being out in the sun. I think the only reason she was apologetic was that she got caught. I asked her if that was the first time she's fucked him, but she confessed that she's fucked him a few times because "He's sweet and nice." My wife has no problem with what she has been doing. I love my wife too much to ever dump her, but I'm not sure if I can handle this dynamic being the "new normal."

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  • We moved into a new development Amy and I -- just married mid 20's. 10 houses and most of us are around the same age, but Bob and Linda are 55, early retirees. .Bob is a real flirt, likes the young married girls. We all moved there about the same time so there's some kid of bonding thing. Judy early 20's cute, big tits, a little chubby lays out topless on her patio next door to Bob. Bob does more than flirt with her when her husband isn't around, he's trying to fuck her. Till this day I'm not sure if he did. I'd be 50 -50 on guessing. Bob has a Xmas party for the neighbors and his friends from golfing. Amy knows his buddy Jim 45, they're both lawyers and crossed paths -- they're chummy. Good to see her socialize outside the neighborhood friends. Shortly after that I see Bob flirting with Amy the same way does Judy, like he wants to fuck her. Amy says it's no big deal, don't be jealous of an old flirt. 40 years later she tells me when she was a law school law clerk at the court house Jim and her did lunch a lot. He told her he never had a BJ, his wife won't do it. They start making bets on outcomes of court cases, $100 vs a BJ. She won a couple, lost a couple, and she fucked him for his birthday, he was my sugar daddy.. Jim tells Bob how friendly his new hot young neighbor is. And now he wants his first BJ. She tells him she'll do it if he stops being so aggressive with her, I think my jealous husband might do something. Get a room I won't do it here. She says the bad wife statute of limitations for giving old guys illicit blowjobs ran out (fucking lawyers) and it's good time to confess since she found a naked picture on my phone Kayleigh, a hot young married trainer at our gym. "didn't know if I should high 5 you or tell you about my older guy blowjob club, -- what goes around comes around" She still loves giving them, and she's gotten better even.

  • Just watch and enjoy. Why wouldn't you want her to have some sensuous fun?

  • When I was single I was casual friends with neighbors Lorie and Bob..
    Lorie is a 4 with 9 body. If there was a girl at the Aintry gas station it would be her. Bob gets deployed, he'll be gone 6 months. Soon after I see Lori at the complex's mailboxes and she's get real close and bumps her big tits on my arms "i know how you look at me, lets have some fun' -- i feel a little intimidated but I better man up,, put a bag over her head. She's a nymphomaniac and teaches me some crazy stuff. Says she wants to do a 3 way with my girlfriend -- but that won't work,, so we do it with my work wife, side fuck (who's also married) -- almost felt left out while they licked each other's pussies. Then I fucked them both. Bob comes home and she stands by her man again.

  • Yeah, that sun will inflame the libido every fucking time ! What a crock of shit !

  • Just let her. She clearly needs it and makes her happy. You obviously cannot meet her needs which is why she fucks the neighbour. Or she's just experimenting and being adventurous. It can spice things up for you guys if you can survive it. Offer to join next time she bangs the neighbour. She might not want you to so suggest just watching. If she's ok with you just watching then you can build up to joining. But would be better to observe first so you can see what she likes and what makes her tick or maybe help here and there,like help keep her steady when the neighbour is drilling her pussy,maybe massage her shoulders when she's getting a hard fuck in doggy or even hotter lay behind her and help keep her legs spread wide open to receive the superior cock. But mostly you can just help wipe excess fluids from her and maybe him because I'm sure she'll be getting extra wet and he will releasing loads in her. I hope that neighbour is fit if not you'll have to find her a younger lover.

  • I agree, assisting your wife by holding her leg up is a wonderful sight, her pussy lips glisteting in the sun. I have on occasion guided my wife's lovers cock into her waiting pussy.

  • She is out fucking the neighbor and unless you catch her she is going to continue to fuck who ever she wants , whenever she wants and there is nothing you can do about it.

  • Get used to it sucker she is a slut and your not keeping her happy

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