My nephews' babysitter

My sister and her husband were travelling a couple weekends ago and they asked me to come to their house and watch the boys for the weekend. They're 12 and 9 so they're pretty fun to hang out with. I made plans with the boys to go to a Phillies game and some other stuff in the city. They were pumped. The problem was that I couldn't get there until late Friday night so my sister got them a sitter until I could get there.

When I walked in, my jaw dropped. This sitter was a dime in every sense. I made small talk with her, found out she was 20 yrs old, a college student in the city, her parents live down the street and my sister met her jogging and asked her to babysit. My mind was racing. I'm 32 but she seemed sort of interested despite the wild age difference. I asked the boys if they wanted ice cream and they started jumping around and celebrating. I looked at the sitter and said, "You can come, we'll drop you off at your house later on."

She bit her lip and I knew I was set. As we were driving back from the ice cream shop, she said, "Oh, I need to go back to the house. I left something there." The boys both had pretty big crushes on her so they were pumped. They ran into the house, got their swim trunks on and ran out to the pool. I offered the sitter a drink and she said, "stop stalling and kiss me." We made out right there in the kitchen, away from the window, as the boys played in the pool. I had her shirt off before we stopped. She said, "I can't stay tonight. The boys can't know. Do they have lacrosse tomorrow morning? I can come over while they're there." Fast forward. I sped back to the house after dropping the boys off at their practices and there she was, waiting for me on the front porch.

We fucked. That's the only way to describe it. We fucked hard. About an hour later, we stopped and got cleaned up because we knew the boys would be back soon. I convinced her to come to the game with us that afternoon and she ate dinner with us that night too. During a private conversation, while the boys were playing Xbox or something, I convinced her to stay that night too and we messed around all night long.

She snuck out early sunday morning before the boys woke up. I left late in the day sunday without ever getting her number. I don't think we'd ever date but who knows. We got along so well. I am going to see my sister and her husband in two weeks, hopefully I run into the sitter again.

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  • So you left your 2 nephews in the pool unsupervised so you could get laid?

  • Exactly !

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