Not all black men are well endowed.

Ok so I am a gay black man. There I said it. Black men are the most hung up about guys like me. It literally scares them to death cause they fear deep down they might be queer like me. The other thing is I have a not so large penis. Yep I admit it. Sorry to all who have come to expect all of us to have huge monster cocks that make lesser men tremble and their wives mouths water at the site of such large cocks. I am 6' 4" and my penis is only 5.25 inches long and about 4.75 inch girth. I weigh 245 LBS. and I don't work out. I'm soft in the middle and my ass is nice and round. It's very plump. I'm proud of my body and my mate loves it also. He is a very sexy muscular and well hung white guy. I love feeling his sexy body next to mine. His cock is over 10.5 inches of sexy long white snake. It's nice and fat. I loved his circumcised penis. It feels wonderful in my mouth and ass. Oh how it makes me feel good. I love feeling his muscular frame. He takes great care of his body and exercises a lot and watches what he eats. I love making love in front of the fire place on our leopard skin rug and eating Chinese naked after we enjoy each other. I'm happy with my body. I don't want a large penis. Besides I can play with my lovers penis anytime I want. We are going to get married and plan on moving to the beach. I love the beach. Love to feel the sand between my toes and butt cheeks. I wanted to share my story and hope it helps others to embrace your body and learn to love yourself. You can't love others if you don't first love you. The world certainly needs more people loving one another. Don't you think so? I do.


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  • I hate niggers.. Not black people, I don't mind black people, but I fucking hate niggers. Loud mouthed, lazy no good, motherfucking niggers. I can't fucking stand them. I can't stand fucking white trash neither. Low life, dirty, skanks, trash. I can't stand spics neither. Matter a fact I just can't stand any fucking trashy as motherfucking worthless fucktard, no matter what race they are.

  • I can assure you as a woman who has dated many different ethnic people, there is absolutely no correlation between race and penis size. Anyone who says otherwise has no fucking clue what they are talking about.

  • Message me if you want your pussy licked at my Snapchat account (hotboy14171)

  • I agree. So disappointed with the black men I’ve dated.

  • Sure, but l would feel better if I had a 10 inch plus cock to console me.

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