Cousin In A Crop Top

I met my cousin so many years ago, when I was 13. She was 19 and pretty cute. I stayed over her place one time it was like a family slumber party. She came out of her room in a crop top and pjs. I really dis not give a damn she a was a cousin because she was so cute and sexy! I could see her belly button exposed at the bottom of her shirt. It was mostly her lower stomach that was hot but you can still see the bottom of her navel and she really nice hips and a tone stomach. It was only very slightly with a pouch but overall she was skinny nice curves and sexy belly button and nice body. She did not have a deep navel but it was sort of an inbetweenie where you can see the bottom of it. Omg I still get a hard on over her. We never did anything but I remember getting into play fights with her in her room and seeing her stomach and I just wanted to rub my face in it and lick her all over!!!

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  • Back in the 80s we’d cut our crop tops so short, the bottom of our boobs would show. I had a couple that every time I raised my arm my nipples would show.

  • My hot older sister wore those all the time. And even the crop tops she had that weren't that short, she or I would cut shorter so she'd show the underside of her tits. She had one green and white-striped crop top that was easy to cut, since the stripes went straight across and all I had to do was follow the line, that she only wore it when we were alone. It fell atop her bulging tits as-is, and when she moved or raised her arms, would show full top. It was sexy as hell.

  • I was your cousin's boyfriend in high school. We used to fuck whenever we had the chance. She had the tightest pussy I've ever had to this day.

  • Lies.

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