My neighbor comes over at 4pm every other day to remind me about how he caught me peeping on his wife .
He shows me the footage from outside webcams .
So now I have to pull my pants down get on my knees and suck him off to keep him quiet in my house.
Every other day at 4pm ...

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  • You naughty darlings!!!! I'm a mature she-male and I would love to have you sucking and fucking me.
    Signed Chiffon Sissy

  • I want to suck the neighbor across the road.

  • Damn sounds like alot of fun literally I wish I could give him a blowjob every other day for you

  • But you love it don't you!! Licking the throbbing head with your eager tongue and I bet you let him slide it into your willing bottom you naughty boy.

  • Does his wife know he is having another man constantly blow him?

    Personally, I would be happy to be sucking off some neighbours.

  • Post it on phub

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