He knows

My husband knows that I cheat on him. He knows when he's at work or gone for business that I'm doing something sexual and kinky. But never asks anything about it, we never talk about it, I know he must have heard stories by now he must know. I have been in some very sexual near porn sistuations and yet he pretends not to notice or anything . I honestly don't know how he can't know. Why doesn't he say anything to me about it. ???????

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  • Maybe he is in love

  • I am 23 F and my husband of three years knows I have a side line lover but he don't know who and I won't reveal to him it is our neighbors son who's 17 and Black.

    When he leaves to go to work at 540 in the morning by 6 Jarred is in my bed making love to me for the whole day over and over till 20 minutes before 7 when my husband is due home and he's to tired to do anything but go to bed to sleep and I meet Jarred in our back yard having sex with him one more time so I can sleep.

    All night all I think about is Jarred making love to me and how good his 10 inch cock feels inside of me making me cum on him so many times I black out litterly and what bothers me is yesterday I had a 3 some with Jarred and his dad and I let them do anything they wanted to me. When his father stared in fucking me all he could say is my pussy was to tight on his cock but he still filled my pussy deep with his cum and man did he cum.

    Jarred's dad said he wondered why he was coming over to my house so early in the morning and now he knows why and told me if I loved his cock you're really gonna love mine as he rammed himself deep into my soaked pussy.

  • Talk to him about it.

  • I have kinda half assed brought it up during casual conversation. He still acts like he doesn't know what I am talking about. I haven't just bluntly said anything but he should be able to get the idea.

  • I think your husband was dumb cunt blinded by your fucking lies and feeling incredibly guilty over a incident with sick fucking rapist taxi drivers but little he probaly does know now and ill say some people will be joing the fucking slut of a wife in future

  • I don't even know what to say , I don't even understand your response. It's like your missing words or something ????

  • I bet he gets off on it, but is too afraid to tell you.

  • Do you really think so it's kind of crazy sometimes. He just never seems to catch me know matter how much I just play with others. I would think he would walk in and watch if he was into it.

  • This is very exciting , may I suggest you do it more and more often. Especially when he may be around. Maybe even have a few men at the same time.

  • Phew hmmm

  • I just now had sex in the garage with his friend while he stayed in the house. He must have known what we were doing

  • Perhaps he is a guy that doesn't want the drama of a confrontation.

  • That's exactly what others are saying

  • Crazy thought; ask him.

  • I don't want to

  • Why? Do you think your cheating ways may have to end?

  • It's very exhilarating

  • Just a nice guy who does not want to upset the situation, I go away on conferences with my younger secretary and we always just book a double room so we can have sex she is insatiable on numerous occassions she leaves some of her cloth's and underwear in my port, my wife washes and irons it and gives it to me to take to work for her just says nothing about it

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