At a restaurant

So my vice, my absolute addiction is masturbating, but sometimes just masturbation alone isn't enough, you have to do sometime forbidden to really get off. So I started to experiment around with going outdoors to do it. At first you hide in places that noone will ever see you like in a cornfield, or behind a building where you know for sure no one can see, but eventually you have to start getting a little bit bolder and a little bit bolder to get the same high from what your doing.
The riskiest place I've ever masturbated was this place in my hometown that was a little privatly owned restaurant. Imagine the building, now imagine the back side of this building had a deck with little tables and chairs set up for people who wanted to eat outside, and now imagine it's dark out. I had this idea to go sit on one of these chairs outside and all I intended to do was unzip my pants and pull out my guy down there and cross my legs and sort of hide my guy with my other hand, and slowly begin to stoke. Here's the kicker, the only thing between you and the people inside is a huge glass window. On the other side of the window was a table set up with a party of at least 10 or so men and women who could look out the window and see you at any moment. Here's the thing, as I sat there, I noticed that they were so caught up in their own little world that nobody even saw me. So as I sat there stroking it I thought I would put something to the test. I would test the theory that people are so caught up in their own little world they wouldn't notice you naked if you were just about ten feet away (which was the case with me, just on the other side of a glass.) So I uncrossed my legs and moved my hand which basically left my guy exposed in the open. After doing this awhile and realising these people were oblivious to me I unbuttoned the pants and lowered the pants enough to where now it wasn't just coming out of my zipper the whole shebang was unzipped and pulled down just a little. After stroking it a bit more I decided to pull my pants down to where my bare butt was touching the seat, but the pants were still up high enough I could quickly pull them up if someone looked over, but everyone was still oblivious to my presence. After stroking a bit that way I pulled my pants down to my knees and kept stroking. Still noone looking. The thrill of doing something forbidden like that is a high like none other, so after stroking a bit like that, I let my pants fall to the ground, and then I bent over in the chair picked them off of the ground, and threw them on over the side of the deck onto the ground behind me. Now I'm really feeling good, with my guy fully hard, and a undescribable feeling that blows your mind I was really going at it now. These people were still oblivious to me being there, and so I took off the only thing left that shielded my decency which was my shirt. I threw it over the edge of the deck onto the ground with my pants. At this point it didn't take me long to finish, and as I blew my wad all over the place I hightailed it down the steps of that deck completely naked, grabbed my clothes and ran away before putting them back on. No one ever did see me.


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  • Did you ever jerk off in a restaurant with a bread stick up your ass?

  • My mom's tan lined tits were so white they really stood out compared to the tanned skin all around them. I barely looked away from them as my pelvic bone was smacking into my mom's ass. I pumped her pussy deeply with my

  • Cock harder and harder. "Oh god Greg, you're so big, oh fuck your mother," my mom said loudly! "Your pussy feels better than I ever imagined," I nearly shouted. "Oh honey, that's it, just like that, I love your cock," my mom squawked out breathing heavily now.

  • My wife and I live out in the country. We have a pool off the one side of the house now, so it's easy to go from the house to the pool naked. However, before we got our nice inground pool next to the house, we had an aboveground pool in the yard across the driveway a good 30 yards from the house. I kept trying to convince my wife to go skinny dipping, let's just strip nude and go get in the pool. She finally gave in one night, we stripped our clothes on the deck and ran for the pool. It was about 10pm, so no one should have been stopped by. We swam for a bit, fooled around, got it on and finished. We got out ,and I don't know how we missed the car lights coming down the road, but wife's parents pulled in the driveway with bright headlights shinning right on both of us buck ass naked. Thank God her dad quickly shut off his lights. We ran in the house and got dressed. We were so imbaresed.

  • Reminds me of the time I came home with a work buddy so he could see the new pool I just had put in. I told him it was around back and to head on back while I went in the house grab some beers and meet him out by the pool. I no more than walked in the kitchen when I heard my wife scream out by the pool. I laughed to myself thinking my buddy had just startled her. A few seconds later my wife came flying in the backdoor naked as a JayBird. My buddy was red faced and I was laughing so hard I almost pissed myself.

  • I came home and my nudist wife and my neighbor buddy are butt naked in the pool. WTF Jill? You told me to never swim alone.
    Another thing, she attacks low flying planes on the weekends. Even the neighbors noticed -- but think it's funny.

  • I came home one day and my dad was fucking my wife near the pool, so I joined in and we did a DP on her till both holes were filled with cum, then our son came home and got to fuck his mom for the first time. Now my son and I fuck her all the time.

  • Wives who are open to nudity make the best spouses. Me and my current wife go to a local nude club all the time. The guys always check her out, which makes me horny. She likes it when the older guys do it, I swear she has a thing for older gentlemen.

  • I was diagnosed as a compulsive masturbator when I was 16. I jacked off so much that my pecker was raw and got infected and had to go to a doctor who sent me to a head shrink. The shrink told me I was all sorts of mentally fucked up and deranged and suggested I join the Democratic party where I'd fit right in.

  • Lmfao!! I don't care who ya are, that's funny shit right there. Lol

  • Kind of sounds like you went from the restaurant to your back deck at home? If you were still in the restaurant, you wouldn't be able to run away without being seen. If you hadn't paid your bill someone would also be chasing you,

  • I like to do that when driving. Wear something easy to get on and off. I slide down my sweat pants and drive around. I like to open the windows. I get excited when a woman pulls up next to me. She can’t see because I’m in a truck.

  • Im a woman and I love to masturbate in my car too. Usually reach orgasm when I stop at a traffic light.

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