Kinda ashamed

So my best friend had a bf hes really cute in a sexually type of way, but they broke up and my bestfriend moved a year ago, he has a heel fetish weird asf but today I was at the store and I saw him there we made clear eye contact but we didn't say a word (for my defense I haven't had sex in 8 months) I wanted his attention so I tried on a pair of heels and made the click clack and sure enough he turned around just to look at me, I said hi and we talked for a while at the end I had sex with him and he brought me the pair of heels I really enjoyed it but I think I should be ashamed of my self even though I don't talk to my best friend anymore I still feel bad and not a true friend but what do u guys think

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  • If you don't talk to her anymore she's not your BF so you're good to fuck! And besides, if more than two zip codes away its cool, don't sweat it at all.

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