Moms Thong

My Mom recently asked spoke to me about my sexual desires recently and mentioned that some of her panties have gone missing recently she said, I've noticed some of my panties full of your semen darling, remember when I came home from that party the other week early and got changed, I put my clothes in the laundry basket and after speaking to my sister who persuaded me to come back out I needed to but my black dress back on and needed that thong i’d worn earlier, and guess what the gusset was so loaded with your spooge you must have not come for a week, but I needed that thong as it matched my dress so i wore it with your sperm against me, I was dancing with the other girls and non of them would have ever guessed my vagina was all sticky with my own sons sperm that had come straight from his hard willy only a half an hour ago, does that turn you on knowing I wore your seed against my slit? it does doesn't it. its ok babe i know your secret and you know mine.

I just want you to know that mummy understands mens needs, and if you want to use my panties to sniff of empty your balls into its ok, you won’t be the first and you won’t be the last son to do it, in fact your friend Simon in always shooting his load in his mom’s laura’s panties (she told me) she doesn't mind either she says its just a stage he is going through and it saves a fortune on tissues. so from now on I'm going to put the laundry hamper in your bedroom so you can have access to my used knickers when ever you like, you can also ask me for the ones I'm wearing if you want them fresh, how cool is that for an understanding mom.


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  • I'd be sliding that thong to the side and eating your pussy until you had an orgasm. Then I'd fuck you!

  • I hope he wasjerking while writing this bc that’s a hot ass thought.

  • May be bullshit but I still liked it.

  • He just wished Mommy would do that for him, what a Fantasy.

  • ...and you're full of bullshit

  • A major amount of it too

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