Cross dressing confession

I have confessed that I cross dress to my ex-wife. I have told her that I have taken her lingerie, dresses, shoes, and some jewelry. I have told her about stopping at rest areas after visiting her, changing into her clothes and then I would try to find guys that would let me suck their dicks. Usually there was someone willing to let me.
Since I told her she has taken me clothes shopping for lingerie and dresses. Next weekend I am going to visit her and she said that she has set up an appointment for me to get my makeup done for my drive home.
She has asked me to send her pictures several times when I have purchased new lingerie or dresses. She has been very supporting for me when I have gone through some rough times.
I can’t wait for my makeup session. I am so excited.

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  • You naughty boy, but you will really enjoy the experience to be fully dressed as a lady with good make-up and silky underwear beneath a floaty flirty dress and high heels on your feet, what bliss. You will probably cum as soon as you step out of your car you will be so aroused. I know it has happened to me!!!!
    I went to a parking/picnic spot near Broadway in Gloucestershire. I had spent ages on my make-up, chosen my favourite white silk knickers and slip with a matching bra and suspenders with my nylon stockings and all finished off with a yellow silk dress. I chose a pair of white strappy low wedge healed sandals and drove to Fish Hill.
    I parked up. There were several cars and a van parked with just men sitting in the driving seats. I got out, I was highly aroused, the sun was shining and a breeze blowing. As I locked my car to walk to the toilets, I felt the skirt of my dress lift in the breeze and flutter about my legs, the sensation was electric!!!!
    As I walked to the toilets I could feel all eyes on me, I felt so sensual so aroused and my erection was escaping from my silk French knickers and I was glad that my dress was full and floaty because as I walked I felt my knickers masturbating my erect penis, I just couldn't help it I just ejaculated as I walked.
    thus the moment had gone and it left me feeling so awkward walking back to my car.

  • Part 2
    I got in the car and sat and watched and saw quite soon that this was a meeting place. After a while I was randy again, I got out of my car and walked around the back to the passenger door and opened it, I bent down to fiddle with some things on the passenger seat, I could feel the breeze wafting and lifting my dress and then I stood up and looked round, I saw an old guy sitting in the car next to mine he was wanking.
    He was also beckoning me to join him. He had a gorgeous cock, big and very erect, I opened the passenger door wider and sat back on the seat with my stockinged legs outside. I pulled the hem of my dress and my slip up exposing my knickers and my erection.
    He beckoned even more vigorously, so I stood up closed the car door went round and got into his car. I reached over and took hold of his penis, we kissed our tongues intertwined, so sexy. I felt his hand in my knickers caressing and I lowered my seat back and within moments his trousers and pants and shoes were off and he was on top of me.
    He lifted my dress and slip, pulled my legs around him and then we were fucking and he was good. I was in bliss, I had forgotten that we might get caught but I wanted him up me and I took all of him into me. I thought he would never finish and then I felt him cum!
    He gently pulled out of my bottom, I was in love, we kissed again, then he dressed. We talked a while and he told me that I was a naughty girl as I sat there exposing my legs and stockings. He told me he was married, we exchanged details and addresses and as I live on my own he visits often.

  • Sweet!
    I need to meet someone that will visit me often.

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