I cheated for money

I was recently married to a my boyfriend from high school. He went into the military right after graduation then two years later we were married. We live off base and money became very tight especially when he would be gone for a month or two. I am working at Arby's but still can't afford the rent and bills. I met an older guy that said he would gladly pay me for an hour of my time. At first I thought it would never happen but it has . I feel horrible for cheating but have no money. My husband was due home today ( monday ) on saturday I met with the man who insisted on me also meeting friends of his. I feel horrible and how am I supposed to explain all the money I have in my purse.

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  • Be silent and put the money away for a rainy day. Don’t do it again.

  • Now that you're husband is back , are you still having sex with that other man and his friends ?

  • You can either hide the money and the truth, or ask your husband to forgive you if you buy him a big screen TV.

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