All the bosses should make the workers worship their feet in order to remember them who is in charge and to keep them obedient and loyal

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  • Hell yeah! I work as a manager of the local BK. I would serves them up my whopper everyday. Here you go bitches. Eat my whopper!

  • Of course is just about foot worship ;)

  • Fuck yeah I work for Allstate and I want all my employees to get on their knees and suck a load from my cock.

  • Double Cock discount?

  • As long as they are sexual submissive and consensual

  • Bosses should have employees kiss their arse every Monday morning

  • Yup , and also their feet , after all there are many people in to foot worship and role play , so even at work those people can meet each other :D

  • I wouldn't even want to see my bosses feet, I'm afraid they might be something hideous.

  • I know of a seven figure CEO who lost his life this way. He made all new employees, as part of their orientation, come into his opulent corner office and kiss his right bare foot. He called it a "company tradition". Most people refused the job, but some, more desperate, latched onto that bare foot like it was their mama's tit, offered for the first time. He would request, nay, demand they look up at him as they fellated his foot. He saw hatred in many of their eyes, but, he cared not, he was the CEO. It came to pass that he developed an itch between the toes of that right foot. He rubbed on salve, but, the itch became worse and developed crevices that issued a black liquid. The foot swelled to the size of a picnic ham, and smelled like a very rancid one. The CEO, like most of them, being from a long line of cousins, lacked for basic natural immunity due to years of interbreeding and even amputating the foot, and soon after, his leg, couldn't save his life. How ironic, all that money and power, and he was taken out because of his ridiculous and petty "company tradition". In commemoration the employees wore only their left shoes to work. Somebody made a cake, shaped like a foot, with black icing. Nobody ate any, but, a few people sucked on it.
    But, really, I'm quite curious, did you suck good enough to get the job ?

  • That happen because they didn't put enough love in their sucking and kissing , if they did , that wouldn't happen , fortunately it happen that bosses get their feet worshiper everyday , but they never risk their health for that , this is just an accident caused by hate you know

  • Bullshit story

  • I enjoyed it. Your reply was pretty lame. You should have attacked the points you feels weak. To just say BS story lack imagination.

  • Well clearly that CEO didn't know about all the silent war that is done against our happiness and against the realization of our sexual legitimate desires, that's why it happened , but in any case normally this doesn't happen , there are many ceo who are more carefoul about igenic conditions and can afford to do that and actually do that , just like in porn , it is pretty common , it just take to be always clean and carefoul you your body and whoever is touching it ;) , never allow those accidents to compromise our way of thinking , because that's quite the trap

  • I know a gal, in college she got a job doing office work 4 to 7. When the others left at 5 she gave her boss a blowjob. She said he looked Carry Grant and dressed like he was in GQ. On weekends they'd get a room and fuck like crazy.
    She said first day on the job he saw how smitten she was and led her to his dick. This was 50 years ago. I call her wife for 40 years now. Why are you telling me? We were going to her 10th reunion, and some of her Sisters called her Boss Fucker at the 5th.

  • Lol , now i want this to happen with female bosses and male workers , and it will be all about foot worship , it should become part of their job :D

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