Stupid Wife

My wife is darn stupid. She warms her car up in the morning and the dumb ass bitch puts the car in neutral with the emergency brake on. Her car is a Camry and sits outside to the right. To the left is a car trailer and my truck. The garage has two doors with a divider in between. On the left side is my 70 Chevelle SS LS6 hardtop. The other side is a 79 L82 Corvette coupe with less than 12,000 miles. It's really still a new car. The dumb bitch gets in her Camry engine running and then puts it in drive. Hits the gas goes forward and hits part of the corner of the garage and the bumper of the 78 Corvette. I was so fucking mad . I was able to buff out the bumper on the Vette and you can't really tell anything unless you get like within about a foot. With a bit more work I think you won't even see that. The siding on the garage will need to be replaced. I called the insurance company and an adjuster came out and said like $600 to fix the garage. I kicked the front fender of her car in a bit. I will pop it back out. She just really pissed me the fuck off. I told her not to do that anymore. I told her she doesn't need to warm the car up. They are made to get in and start them up and drive within a few seconds and it doesn't take long to warm up the engine to make some heat. Dumb fucking bitch. I told her if she starts it up leave the car in park. She said it's just habit how's she always done things. I showed her in the cars manual where it has the starting instructions. And it says you don't have to let it warm up before driving. Just venting blowing off some steam.

I feel like I married a real dummy. I told her before we got married that I don't hang out in bars I like to fool around with cars. Buying and fixing them and trading them but it's what I enjoy doing. She told me recently she thought she could change me. I have been going to her church and man that is like crazy. They have church that seems to go on for sometimes up to 3 fucking hours. We met at work and dated a short while. She had her own place a condo and I had my place. We sold both properties and bought this home we live in. She is a pretty medium skin black woman and I'm white. Her family is really big. Mine is like half the size but we are fairly close. Anyway she thinks she is going to change me and I will sell my cars and just go to church with her on Sundays. When we moved I had like two of the Uhaul garment boxes. My wife had eight of them not including all her shoes, hats, belts and stuff. The house has four bedrooms and her clothes are in all the closets. She has two dresser drawers full of belts. It's crazy how much crap she has. And the shoes. I have two pairs of tennis shoes, a pair of dress shoes, and work boots. She has over 150 fucking pairs of shoes. Some she has never worn but tried on at the store. This crazy woman things I'm going to sell my cars to please her. No fucking way.

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  • My wife caught me balls deep in my neighbors pussy, in the back of my 71 Camaro. She took a baseball bat and beat the living shit out of my car, broke every window in it and dented every body panel on both sides from front to rear. Needless to say, the cops still haven't found her body after 12 years. Fucking cunt.

  • I would have put her in wood chipper. Women they go after what we like best. Cars! Bitches!

  • My wife is stupid, but she's great looking and even better in bed.

  • Who cares, they are only cars. Buy a new one and stop bitching. At least your wife is ok.

  • You don't know if his wife is ok or not dumb ass. She could be a real nut job. But since you seem to know all from a single post we should all yield to your superior insight.

  • Your wife sounds, remarkably, like a wife. You have your big boy toys filling the garage, she has two dressers of belts. Suck it up, and welcome to married life.
    However, it's very plain to see, she worships God and family, and you worship General Motors and socket wrenches. You have as much right getting grease under your nails, as she does glowing with all that fucking fellowship. Make sure that is understood, and keep the church at a minimal invasion of your bank account. Hope that helps !

  • He probably takes a 10 mm socket and places it on his cock and wanks one out. A Snap-on socket

  • Hey little boy does your mommy know what you are doing on her PC? Go away adults are typing here. Little wanker. Your wanking one out.

  • My buddy had a 70 Chevelle SS LS6 hardtop -- new in 70.
    Is that the one with the awesome aluminum heads?
    Think it was around $3,700 but sounded like a Million.
    LS6 was a relatively cheap option I believe, like $200.
    Believe you had to wait in line to get one, but he found a dealer who got his built pretty quick. Think each dealer was allowed 2 or 3.
    My wife is Ive league, million shoes, nympho <<== keeper part.

  • The LS6 has cast iron square port heads the intake is aluminum. You had to order RPO Z15 SS to get the 454 cost was $503.45 the LS6 cost $263.30 on top of that. My car has the ZL2 option which consist of the cowl induction hood, hood pins, and the hood and deck lid striping cost of $147.45 . The color is Cranberry red with black stripes and a black vinyl top. M22 close ratio 4 speed, variable power steering, power brakes, 3.31 posi Chevrolet 12 bolt. Black interior with strato bucket seats, console, and floor mounted shifter, AM/FM stereo tape deck. I am the third owner. I have had it since 98. The L82 Corvette is a 4 speed also. The wife can't drive them LOL. I'm looking at a 68 427 L89 Corvette coupe right now. The L89 has aluminum heads. Basically a L71 427 with the light weight heads. I promised the wife we get her a new car if I end up buying the Corvette.

  • Nice car man I love the 70 Chevelle SS also. I had one in high school back in 77. It had the LS5 360 H.P. 454 and the M22 4 speed with the 3.31 gears. Car was Tuxedo black with white stripes and the cowl induction hood. Man it was an awesome car. I worked my ass off to buy it. My next door neighbor bought it new and put 40 thousand miles on it. I miss those days. You could find lots of cool machines back then and they didn't cost you an arm and a leg. I ended up selling it in 85 for a lot more than I paid for it to help buy my first house. Now I'm looking to find something to play with now the kids are grown and on their own. Maybe a Z28 Camaro or another Super Sport Chevelle.

  • Who fucking cares! This site is about sex not motors for fucks sake. Tell us your GF gave you head in the car then puked up the cum and the Arby’s roast beef sandwich you gave her. So the seat was covered in beef and cum, then you made her lick it up again.

  • I'm not a young kid. I no longer bag chicks in the back seat. I take them to a hotel, or I go to their place. The guy asked about the car so I told him. Just because you have no interest in them who gives a flying fuck. Seems to me you hate people with nice things. My post is about a dumb thing my wife did. Not the first and won't be the last. I don't give a shit what you think anyway.

  • No, he ate the shit out a her asshole because he's a shit eater.

  • You are just a fucking dumb ass wanker. Why don't you go to a more appropriate site dedicated to slower peoples needs.

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