Question for the Ladies. What makes you cheat?

What makes you cheat? Is it for an orgasm? Power? Do you really want 2 guys? Spill your guts here.

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  • This is an easy one. At age 55, I've managed to keep my body in trim, athletic shape. Very well-toned and HOT. People are always blown away when they find out how old I am.

    Unlike my husband, who's gained over 40 pounds since we got married 35 years ago. He's a fat slob. Disgusting beer gut. Who wants to fuck that?

    Yeah, I cheat. There are more than a couple of neighborhood hubbies who are in GREAT shape that I do regularly. Lucky for me my husband is in sales and is NEVER home.

  • I've always fantasized about two guys at the same time. It is a turn on having guys try to get together with me. But the thought of two guys lusting over me gets my juices flowing. The closest I have come was doing my husband's friend and my husband the same night. My husband never new I was seeing his friend. This time my husband and I did it then he fell asleep and i went out to the store but stopped at the friends house instead we did it and I have wanted two guys ever since that night.

  • Very hot. How did it feel having two different mens cum inside you at the same time?

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