Girlfriend wants bi mmf

My girlfriend wants to watch a guy go down on me. I dont have to return favor .
But to do it ?? Im not gay , or bi curious , but i feel a bj is a bj, as long as i am not the one giving, its not gay. I think . On the fence on this one

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  • Though it is better to have a pretty woman suck your cock, it's still just a blow-job. Male or female, any body who takes a cock into their mouth is a good person. Let your gal watch a guy suck your cock, the way she shows her appreciation in the future will be well worth it. Who knows, she might get it on with her bff while you watch.

  • Spin it anyway you want, if your dick is hard while he's sucking it, it's bisexual. If you fail to get erect, well, that's embarrassing for everyone isn't it ? My wife had a lover who loved having threesomes and getting the husband to suck his dick, and, sometimes, fuck the husband in the ass. He prided himself on having "never taken a dick ", but would be rock hard while pounding man mouth and ass. I played my part with no complaint, and let him believe whatever he wanted. When he and my wife broke up, quite acrimoniously , he still wanted to meet me with his new girlfriend. That's another story.

  • Here’s the fence, it’s a good way for her to get to fuck another dude, Dude!

  • You may be right

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