Kept secret for years

My oldest son thinks he is my first husband’s. He (the husband) is dead now, and I wonder if I should tell my son he’s actually the product of the best sex with a stranger I ever had. I was at a music festival and I met a guy waiting in a really long line for food. He suggested we go back to his van and wait until the lunch rush was over. I was wearing a long hippy dress, and back then it wasn’t as common to have a bare pussy, so when he reached up my skirt and felt my pussy, he kind of lost his mind and wanted to see it. So he gives me the best orgasm to this day just by eating my pussy, and before I even know what’s happening, I’m feeling him cum in me. We ended up doing it twice. And when I finally wandered off and met back up with my friends and they asked what I’d been up to, I told one of my girl friends I was getting pregnant. We laughed, but, three weeks later my pregnancy test said positive, and almost ten months later, my little potato was born. No regrets, except I never told my son the truth. He’ll be 45 next year. Do I say anything?


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  • He'll find out anyway with the popular DNA tests they have these days. His lineage is going to be totally different than what he thought.

  • Naw, leave little Spud alone, no need for him to know he's the product of careless sex, and the sperm doner a stoner.

  • No. Why does your son need to know about your escapades. The man he considers his father is dead. Leave his memories alone.

    Short of a genetic disease or similar problem, there isn’t a need.

    Take this one to your grave.

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