December 07 1942

The other day I asked my wife if she knew what day it was. She said no. I told her it was December 07. Pearl Harbor Day. She said ok yeah. I then told her I wanted to play Pearl Harbor when I got home. She asked what's that. I told that is where I lay down and you blow the hell out of me. She laughed and said ok when you get home. When I came home that evening she answered the door wearing a kimono. She had her hair up in a bun. She took my briefcase from me and then proceeded to remove all off my clothes and folding and placing them neatly on the floor. She then proceeded to give me a nice warm sponge bath using a soft clothe and wash bowl. After that she showed me where to lay down. Then she lit candles and placed them around me outlining my naked form. I watched as she removed her kimono and folded it and placed on the floor next to my clothing. Then she smile and took my soft cock in her hand and then she began to suck on me. She sucked and sucked and sucked doing it so long and hard. I was about to cum when she pinched off my cock at the tip squeezing so hard. I told her I wanted to torpedo her hot fucking sexy Japanese pussy as revenge for all the torpedoes fired in anger at our ships on that day. So she laid down on the floor and I spread her sexy silky smooth legs and then I slid my big American torpedo home yelling fire one. I pumped hard and deep. Her gorgeous eyes rolled back in her pretty little head as I gave her my torpedo. Then I pumped faster and faster. She grabbed my ass and dug her fingers deep into my cheeks. I leaned down and I kissed her. I sucked on each of her sexy firm hard little nipples. My thick hard long American cock thrusting deep into her tight little Jap twat. I pumped so fast and hard it wasn't long till I filled her cock pit full of semen. She let out a loud cry of joy as she climaxed. Afterwards she washed my cock and balls and then dried them. I washed her tight little pussy. She said that she loved playing Pearl Harbor and couldn't wait till next year. Every time I fuck her sexy Japanese ass I remember those who sacrificed so I could . All the men who fought the Empire of Japan. I raise my glass and toast to you. She loves my big American cock. I love giving it to her.

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  • Sounds like fun. I would love to come play Pearl Harbor with your wife. I have always wanted to fuck or have my cock sucked by a sexy hot oriental bitch.

  • I will have to remember this and get my wife to play Pearl Harbor. I would love to have her blow the shit out of me. Sounds like fun. I fucked this Korean girl once and her pussy was sweet. Oh man I loved her sexy little body. Here's to oriental pussy. Good stuff.

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