Stepdaughter . . . Oh My

I raised my stepdaughter from the age of 4. When she was 17 her mom was away for work and she just out of the blue asked me "dad what's a blow job." I was kind of shocked that she didn't know what it was. I asked her why and she said a boy at school asked her to give him one and not knowing what it was she said no. When I told her what it was she looked shocked, but asked "and boys like that?" I told her boys love it, but it has to be done right or teeth can scrape the penis and it can really hurt. She shifted in her chair and asked "so how do girls like me learn to do it?"

Fast forward 5-10 minutes of conversation about the mechanics of it and feeling like I was being a good dad explaining the act. I was right about at the point where I was going to tell her just to forget it and ignore the guy when she said "Will you teach me how to do it? I really like this guy, but I don't want to hurt him ans scare him off!" My head spun. I blurted out something to affect that, that was out of the question. However, my stepdaughter was determined. She said "I won't tell anyone. I just want to learn. If boys like it a lot I'm sure you do to. I only want to learn. You don't have to worry."

She got up and came over to me, sh wrapped her arms around my neck and said "pleeeeeaaaaaasssseeeee?!" My cock got hard automatically. I couldn't control it and under my breath I said, "ok, but only this once. Don't ask me again for anything like this." She started hopping up and down clapping her hands."

I said, "let's go in my bedroom, get undressed and I'll be right with you." She ran into my room and I went into the bathroom. I could hear her getting undressed as I looked at myself in the mirror, but when my cock bumped into the bathroom counter it felt so good I lost my inhibitions. I got undressed and went back into my room. She was under the covers with them up to her chin. She looked nervous so I said, "you don't have to do this if you don't want. Tell me now and I'll close my eyes and you can run back into your room and get dressed." She shook her head no and moved the covers aside and uncovered her beautiful young body. My stepdaughter plays basketball and softball. I always noticed her athletic build and god knows we have spent enough money on training and conditioning. But her body was flawless. Her breasts, even though he was laying down, were large. Her mom has a large D cup and so does she.

My cock was as hard as it's ever been and she was staring right at it. She said "I'm supposed to put that thing in my mouth?!" I looked down and to someone who had never handled a penis before it would have looked huge. I'm 6.5 inches and pretty thick. My thumb and pointer finger usually can't meet when I wrap them around the shaft. But I didn't say anything. I just laid down and let her look at it. I said "you can touch it if you want." After a moment of hesitation she reached out and felt me. She giggled and said "it's so soft and hot!" I laughed and said, "Yes it is, you have me very excited. I'm sure your vagina it soft and hot when you are excited." She giggled again and reach down between her legs and said "yes and wet." I literally almost came right there and then.

After she touched me for a few minutes I said "Let me give you some direction on how to started a blow job. First rub my penis up and down for a bit to make sure I'm really excited and ready. A blow job is a lot of work. You don't want to be doing it for 20 minutes." So I showed her how to stroke me and she went to it. It felt amazing to have her small hands around my dick. Then I said "Guys will normally want to touch you when you are touching them. So let them touch your breasts, your ass and even you pussy. It's more exciting for them." She nodded, so I started touching her tits. They are amazing and firm. Light pink nipples that are on the smallish side. Her nipples were erect and it was fun to tease them. I then reached around and started massaging her ass. Again, just an amazingly firm and plump part of her body. When I was doing that I brushed her pussy lips with one of my fingers and she jumped every time, so I gently open her legs to expose her pussy. It WAS soft, hot and dripping wet. She moaned as I reached her clit. That's when I told her "Time to put it in your mouth sweetie." Without hesitation she put her lips around my engorged cock and I gave her directions on how to move her head up and down, how to avoid putting her teeth on me and how to use her tongue. It felt simply amazing.

The whole time my hand is playing with her pussy and she loved it. I'm getting close to cumming after about 5 minutes and that's when my thoughts change from enjoying a good blowjob to becoming greedy and wanting to fuck her. She's having a hard time concentrating on the blowjob because I know she's close to orgasm too, so I have her stop for a second and breathlessly say "Wow that feels good. You have me so close to cumming. I need to take a break." She looks at me with a puzzled expression. I ask "Do you know what cumming is?" She shakes her head "no." I'm in shock, but not surprised at this point. This girl has played so much sports she been sheltered from all the other kids for years. So I tell her "cumming is when a boy reaches orgasm and sperm starts to cum out of his penis. It's the climax of the sexual act and feels very intense. Girls can cum too, but obviously there is no ejaculation."

I notice that she is touching her pussy while I'm saying this, so I ask her "does that feel good?" She nods "yes." I ask her "have you ever cum before?" She nods "yes" again. I ask her if she touches herself all the time and she says no. She's rubbing her whole pussy now. I ask another question, "When do you touch yourself?" She answers that sometimes in the shower the water will hit her the right way and she'll touch herself until orgasm. I'm rubbing my cock now because watching her is a unreal turn on, but I need more.

So I tell her to lay on her back, which she does and I spread her legs. I hover over her and use my penis to rub her clit and she throws her arms out to her side and spreads he legs even further. It would be obvious to a blind man she was enjoying some intense physical pleasure. At this juncture I'm so horny I can't take it anymore. I bend down and whisper in her ear, "I want to have sex with you. I want to make love to you. I want to be your first." She opens her eyes and says "I want all of that too." So I move my penis to the opening of her virgin pussy and apply the slightest amount of pressure. She tenses up and I can tell the pressure is a new sensation for her and she's not sure about it. So I tickle her clit just a little bit and she naturally opens up even wider and my cock starts to slide in. She's tight as fuck, but all of those years of sports has obviously broken down her hymen, so there is no blood or tearing. I slowly push my cock in so her muscles have time to expand to accept me.

When the head of my dick is in I slowly start to move in and out to spread her immense amount of lubricant over my cock and within a couple of minutes I'm slowly fucking her with my whole cock. She relaxes because the pressure is now being replaced by ever increasing amounts of pleasure and a few minutes later her arms are wrapped around my neck and we are kissing passionately while we fuck. I'm still fucking her pretty slow, but I start to increase the pace of my stokes. We're both starting to get vocal as well. She's saying "yes, yes, oh my GOD, yes!" and I'm starting to talk dirty saying "Fuck, your pussy is so tight! You are the best I have ever had! Oh my God, your pussy is going to make me cum so hard!"

But I want more!

I tell her, "I want you on your hands and knees. I want to see if you like it from behind." She does what I ask, but then anxiety fills her face and she says "you're not going to try and put that in my . . . bottom are you?" I kiss her and relieve her fears and tell her about doggystyle and she relaxes and follows me directions on arching her back etc. I enter her from behind and start to fuck her. HOLY SHIT, the change in angle is so fucking intense. Again I start fucking slowly, but increase my stroke rates faster this time. She's stretched out enough to take my cock all the way to my balls and she feels like she's getting tighter. I talk dirty to her again and say "Does my dick feel good inside you baby? Is your virgin pussy getting tight because you're going to cum?" And this is when she blows my mind . . .she turns her head back towards me and says "Oh my God YES daddy, fuck my pussy harder! I want you to cum and shoot your sperm daddy!" I fuck her so fast and hard and within 30 seconds I'm pumping her full of ALL my cum! I'm literally yelling "OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING INSIDE YOUR PUSSY! FUCK FUCK!"

The last squirt of cum lands inside her womb, but my cock continues to pulse and that's when I notice she's screaming "OH MY GOD YES" as she's cumming too. After her orgasm I take my dick out and flip her on her back and put my still hard cock back in her. Her pussy continues to convulse for several minutes and when it's done I take my dick out. She rolls over and kisses me passionately and jumps out of bed. "I'm going to be late for softball!!!"

After softball we repeated our performance, but this time in the shower. We fucked three times the next day and four times the day after before her mom came home. She went to college, but whenever she would come home we would find the time and place for something quick or if we had the house to ourselves, something much more. I ended up being her first anal experience as well. Her mom would never let me and it was really fun. She's moved to New York for work now, but she still sends me treats via text :)


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  • Sounds like me and my father last year when I turned 17. Not going to say any more3 about the first6 time or any of the times after that but I bet he's filled my pussy and my ass more than 800 times since the first time.

  • Your dick must not be very big or you would have mentioned breaking your daughter's hymen. You'd have to explain to your wife how blood got all over the sheets. At least your daughter didn't get pregnant, that would have been hard to explain.

  • I did explain that. There was no blood, best guess is from all of the sports and gymnastics her hymen broke down.

  • You should stick to fucking bathroom counters, LOL !

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