Wife's friend

A few months s after I married my wife me her girlfriend n her were watching porn n talking about a threeesome with us all as we drank too the subject got mor hot but my wife wasn't sure about going through it so we stoped talking about it .a few days later her friend Laura came by my wife was at work Laura had brought beer with her n as we drank n talked she brought up threesome said it would have been nice but two is better airing on couch n drinking n looking at her tits she put her hand in my lap n rub my crotch I was semi hard n she could tell she unzipped me n pulls out my cock saying how she always wanted a blk cock with tht she leaned in an strted to suck me slow as I felt her tits I got harder n harder she kept sucking till I told her to ride me she strips n gets on top slowly ridding my cock for like an hour till I came in her

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  • An hour? You can fuck for an hour without going off?

  • I didn't know this was KKK naughty posts site.

  • Fucked up the story when it turned to black men and white women. Hate it.

  • Another black writing fantasy stories about white women. Gets really old. Stay with your kind.

  • This person can't spell well.

  • Ruined the story when it turned interracial. I don't go for that

  • Then she found out she had an STD ? A broke black mans baby and no friends wanted her around.

  • Then, you woke up?

  • Horrible story

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