Wife received a letter from the city police!

A few of my male friends and I would frequent a local massage parlor were we’d take a sauna, shower and then go to separate rooms to be massaged by oriental women. They’d do a pretty good job rubbing us from head to toe and then the’d roll us over for a happy ending! Of course they would offer more if we wanted to add more cash to the original price of forty bucks. This relaxing life style went on for a few years until the local police decided to take down license plate number and send letters to our wives..along with a picture of our car parked in the back by the door!

Luckily for me, my brother was a manager at a near by night club and I quickly said I had to park all the way down the street there, in order to get an parking spot to go to the club.

I’d imagine their little trick worked for quit a few gentlemen but all in did in our case was drive the revenue to another city!

The happy endings included in the price along with free roaming hands was generally satisfying enough, in most cases!


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  • It was probably some local group who wanted the place shut down. I used to go to this one massage place with happy endings and sometimes there would be groups there taking pictures of people going up to it. They would yell at us and tell us they were going to send the pictures to our wives or bosses. I am not married and could care less who they sent pics to because no one would care anyways. I asked one of them one time when the last time he had a blow job then looked at my wrist and told him mine was ten minutes ago.

  • It might have been a group of local’s, I agree!
    They did finally get closed down but we found several in a larger metropolitan area. We have some near where I live now but I’ve not tried them..

  • That's bullshit, police don't do shit like this. It's against the law dumbass.

  • Bite me you moron, all my stories are true! I don’t come here to talk shit, I live in the real world unlike you! Keep your shit in your own head, no one out here wants to hear it!

  • Where do you live? Different countries have their own laws.

  • It Texas, Galveston.

  • It happened in a small town in the mid west... they were trying to close them down...so they targeted the customers, but parking didn’t prove entrance!

  • The Police letter went like this:

    Dear Mrs. ______ we wanted to let you know your husband has been seen frequenting a local massage parlor. We don't know what he's done because we can't see inside. but it has to be something you wouldn't like.

    Just wanted you to know,

    Your Local Police Dept.

  • This is complete bullshit ! No police anywhere would risk having a D.A. tear these tactics to shreds in court.

  • Right, almost as ridiculous as this site sending notifications to my family email box...that doesn’t happen either?
    They know who we are from the cookie program and somehow my wife received an email that I got a comment on one of my posts!
    Nice!!!’ I don’t think that’s supposed to happen either but it did!
    A wise man told me once, “if you can think it, someone’s doing it”!

  • That looks as official as a third grade education can come up with.

  • So it was you that sent the letter! lol

  • We used to have oriental massage parlors in my city, but they all got closed down. Now we don't have any here and I really miss one of them. Every Friday I'd go there for a foot massage, a mild facial peel, and a enema all for $40.

  • I’ll give you a juicer enema. I mix together a great fluid that cleans out the colon and it stops cancer. Post your contact info

  • Need personal info? Ask someone that works here! They send emails to the emails that show up with cookies...it’s nice to have your wife ask you if you have a naughty posts account because she keeps getting email notifications in the family email box.. I guess I should have read the fine print!

  • Yeah they were great for relaxing! I sorta miss the old days (and nights)!stopping in for a quick release. Had a few favorites back then, a young college student, she’d go off duty when I showed up, yes sir we had a thing!

  • My little town in Florida sends letters like that. Assholes

  • What do you expect, it’s Florida...full of bible thumping Trumpers that can’t get laid or they can’t afford the Viagra they need

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