My first trip to Book store as a teen

When I was 19 I went to a Adult book store to check it out. I went to one about 20 minutes away so nobody saw my car. I went it,saw stuff on walls,products in display cases and counter,and saw a sign for video booths. I went through the door and went into a booth and inserted quarters . After a few minutes the stall door slowly opened a guy came in and closed the door. He said whats up ,I just said nothing,he reached out to my crotch and said do you mind? I said not really I guess. He slid down my shorts and started to play with my junk. His one hand traveled up under my shirt and played with my nipples which got me really hard.Never had the idea of that at the time . Then he grabbed my shirt bottom and pulled my shirt up and off . He starts pinching and playing with my nipples , then starts sucking them,one then the other while his hand is jerking me . He then pulled my shorts all the way down and had me step out of them. There I was totally nude in front of a stranger. He got down and sucked me and played with my nipples until I came in his mouth. As soon as I came,he licked me good,and went out the door. I got dressed and bolted out . Ive thought about it from time to time and it still gets me hard. Im 26 now,never told my now fiance ,but have thought about going again .

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  • I remember my first time in an adult bookstore. The images on the magazines of gaping cunts and assholes, giant turgid cocks of every color spurting baby batter, bored women and men in bondage. The dildoes in the display cases that came in boxes that resembled coffins, the cheaply made bondage gear that had absurdly high price tags. And, of course, the smell of cigarettes, cheap cologne and stale cum. Ahhh, the memories !

  • Well then, go for it it is just fun.

  • You must have some big nipples. Are they bigger than what your fiancĂ© has? Do you have bigger tits than she does?

  • I don't have big nipples , My Fiance has great boobs , but nothing to do with this

  • You spent a good part of your story talking about having your nipples sucked and played with, I just thought you might have some man boobs too. I'm glad your fiancĂ© has some great boobs, but does she have some half inch sensitive nipples to suck?

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