I love to be watched

Throughout my life I have enjoyed being watched as I stroke my cock. Doesn’t matter if male or female I just love being watched. I used to just take off my pants while driving around beating my meat I would stop in a store parking lot and park waiting for someone to come get in their car and see me. I had a few women watch me finish. Now I mostly just get on Skype and let whoever watch me. Recently My wife and I masterbate in front of each other on our back patio. She loves me cumming on her in the yard with the risk of us getting caught. Anyone else like to be watched or like to watch?

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  • So long as the watcher is into it. It’s very daring

  • For me it’s more being peeked in on, my gf’s mom actually set up a peep hole in a wall with only one sheet of 1/8” thick paneling.. then she put hardcore magazines in the bathroom with lotion and waited on the other side of the wall to watch... she knew what she was doing to a 20 year old male.. I remember the thoughts of should I or should I not...
    who won do you think?

  • I love being watched too. And watching others

  • Mutual pleasure sessions are fairly common, and I think all couples should try it together. It’s a great way for the SO to see how the other likes being rubbed and be a good training method for more fulfilling sex.

  • I love and do the same thing. Although there is a small part of me that worries about getting caught by a cop, then having to register as a sex offender.

  • I love to watch and be watched! Such a turn on

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