Learning to love it

Back when I was nineteen with my parents and younger sister away visiting my mums German father, I answered the front door at ten o'clock at night, thinking it was a dude who owed me money.
Two very large and muscular men pushed their way in and pinned me down on the sofa.
I thought they were going to rob the house. I was wrong.
A whole hour after repeatedly swapping between sucking one of their very large cocks, and being fucked in many different positions, I finally came whilst riding the older of the pairs cock.
By then and I genuinely mean this, I was a very willing participant and screamed out as I came all over his stomach and chest.
It didn't end there as I was taken into the shower with the other man. He fucked me for a long time as I stood under the water jets, and once he'd cum inside my arsehole, I was spun around to be taken soaking wet into my bedroom.
The older man fucked me again on my bed, making me kneel up facing the window. As he fucked me, much harder than he had before, he told me to look at the house to the rear. Telling me the window opposite was his bedroom window and he'd often masturbated thinking of fucking me. He then came up my arse.
We all sat on my bed as they told me if I said anything, they'd both say I invited them over and that I'd flirted with them for some time.
But by then it didn't matter to me, and to prove it without either of them asking or forcing me to, I took the younger guys cock and sucked it into my mouth.
After that and pretty much through the night, we moved around the house at will.
Just before it got light with us sleeping in my room for a while, I was woken up by having the older mans cock thrust into me from behind as he spooned me.
It was then, the younger but more muscular dude got in front of me and sucked on my cock.
I was eventually fucked by both of them again before they left, taking nothing from the house.
I'm now twenty six and live at the rear of my parents home. My family now know I'm bisexual and that the man who I live with is my sexual partner.
He's an older muscular guy who once fucked a teenager in a bedroom facing his own. Isn't it strange how life pans out.


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  • When I started a new school in the 5th grade two bullies picked on me which started out just physical and changed to sexual. They were older and went to a public high school and I went to a private Christian school. I don't know why for sure, was it the khaki shorts or just because I was effeminate for a boy but the shoving around soon became s#cking and f#cking. The weird thing about it is that I actually started liking it and if they weren't there I would lay on my stomach when I got home and pretend that they were doing it to me and I got real excited about it. When school let out for the summer I started hanging out down by the lake in my speedo that mom got for me because I said as all the boys have them.

  • Good for you! It is aways fun setting a new being fucked record. ; )

  • Hmmmm...how do your parents feel with having two LOSERS in their home ? At twenty-six, having you there is bad enough, but, your older, muscular neighbor rapist too ? Man, that's got to suck for them.

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