Gf’s sister is bisexual, I had fun listening to them on the phone

There was a phone downstairs at my gf’s house that I used it to listen in on my gf’s sister and her female co-worker. I became suspicious about what was going between the sister and her co-worker because every time she’d call, sis would take the call in moms bedroom.

One Sunday evening everyone was watching football in the family room and when the girl called, mom answered the phone and sis asked if she could hangup the receiver after she picked it up in her bedroom.

Right after that, I stood up and announced that I had to use the bathroom downstairs.
I went right to the phone and picked up the receiver to listen in. The girl asked sis how she enjoyed their get together Friday night, sis didn’t really sound like she wanted to talk about it and said that it was fine and that she enjoyed it. That’s when the girl tried to perk her up, she says... I just love those cute little sounds you make when I’m licking your ass! Omg I couldn’t believe my ears, then she says... I really loved laying there naked with you and rubbing you all over, your body is so smooth and soft I wish we could have stayed in bed all day. That’s when sis says...Tsk... it was nice but we really can’t talk like that on the phone, I don’t live here alone.

Right then I hear my gf coming so I quickly hung up and started heading up the stairs.
When sis came out from the bedroom I kept looking to see if she was nervous because of possibly hearing the phone receiver click.. but it was Sunday night as usual.

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  • Sis worked 3 pm to 11 pm as a nurse and she’d get the mail right before she went to work. After she’d read the card from her girlfriend she’d rip it up and throw it in the trash can under the sink. Yep, you know it, I’d sit at the kitchen table and put all the pieces back together and read about their sex together. It was hot, but as it turned out sis was really only bi-curious, because this relationship didn’t last that long and I don’t think there were any others girls, at least not long term.

  • I ended up falling in love with the sister and we had chemistry but it always seemed to be a power play between us...because of my relationship with her younger sister it appeared like she wanted me to treat her like a queen in order to move became a power struggle and then faded away!

  • Was this back in the early 1990's?

  • Pretty close to that time know her?

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