Without telling you my age ,,,, my husband graduated from college had a good job then he was drafted into military service ( yes back then there was a draft )..I we were devastated we had only been married for 8 months... and we lived in a rural area... when things needed to get fixed I would usually call his father or brother to get things taken care of … one time his brother asked me if I needed fixing and sure enough within a week I was sucking his cock and fucking him yeah that fixed me alright I couldn't get enough cum to swallow from that moment on... his father who surprisingly was well endowed also tore me up at a moments notice I was turning into a unpaid whore they would come over anytime and just fuck the heck out of me … I was getting fucked 3 times a week and sucking as much cum as I could take out of them … I started not wearing any panties just in case I saw one of them unexpectedly.. I fucked them so many times they started to come by less often then it happened I got pregnant by one of them could had been the time I fucked one and within an hour I was fucking another but my husband never made it back from Vietnam,,, and I've sold the house and moved back home got married and my daughter is an attorney for a prestigious firm ...if you see me out there in a short skirt with no panties just bend me over and fuck me and fuck me hard and deep I need to fell a hard cock in my clean shaved pussy anytime...


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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • So while your husband was fighting for your and our's freedom. You fucking cheated on him. You'r scum and hope you get cancer and die.

  • How big are your tits mama? I like to squeeze them when I'm fucking doggy style.

  • Yes ma’am

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