My young friend

I am 45 and love my wife and children yet recently i ended up down on my knees sucking this 18 year old lad of who iv known several years.It was the first time for me and i was very nervous he might tell someone but the way he was pushing his cock deeper and deeper in my mouth and pushing his jeans further down made it obvious he was enjoying having me down there.I got a strange kick out of how arrogant this quiet lad became once his cock was in my mouth and how much i enjoy sucking him of now

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  • I was stupid enough to blunder in to my first experience with a local lad who then went on to tell his friend who then came on to me as well.My wife never found out,but looking back i feel very guilty that id put her and my family at risk.I think the wake up call came when a local family man got caught with a 19 year old who had wanted to be sucked of but no one saw it that way including my wife.I felt such a hypocrite knowing i was sucking of 2 lads the same age alone and sometimes even together .It was so hard to stop and they never made it easy.

  • I am a 40 yo married man, but I ended up in a similar situation satisfying a 62 yo man's needs in this manner. So embarrassing to admit

  • How did it happen? Please share more.

  • Wow! I would love to do that. How did you let him know you wanted to suck his cock? Did he seduce you or him you?

  • He had said another guy had made a comment in the showers, and i just picked up from there.It could have all gone so badly wrong.Maybe i just caught him at the right moment as once in my mouth he let out a big arr and the more i sucked the more deeply he pushed it in and out.Not sure how long it will last and i would not like to go though that first move stuff again.Sharing on here makes you realize your not alone.

  • It took me years before i had the courage to let a fantasy become a reality and to suck someone of for real.One mistake and they could tell everyone including my wife .Toilets never appealed to me but once a week my job took me out of the area where a few to many led to me making a daft remark to a lad of about 19.At first the lad walked on but then came back and i followed him down behind a park shelter.Sat down and unzipped his was dark and his cock sprung felt so dam big and he was pushing it towards my mouth all the time.He came after about 10 minutes and just zipped up and walked of.

  • Unknown to me id sat on a bench known as the pick up bench and he`d made a remark which id replied,try anything once.

  • What "daft remark" did you say to him? I never know how to initiate anything.

    Did you swallow his cum?

  • Wish I had a next door neighbor that would do the same for me

  • I agree completely ! I frequent an adult novelty store that has a porno theater in the back. It is alongside an interstate hwy. so it's mostly older truckers. But, sometimes younger and much hornier men come in. Recently, this young and very brash guy comes in and he has an older woman with him. She looked very nervous. Several of the truckers got up and left. I stayed and the young man, whom I could tell was a hard case, came and sat by me, telling the woman "Watch how I do these old fags ! " and unzips his fly. She sits on the other side of me. He pulls out his cock, waggles it, and I reach over and begin fondling it. It gets hard, immediately. I bend to suck it, and he gets rough with me, fucking my face, and slapping my cheeks, hard, but not too hard. Then, he tells me, " Pull out your dick so Granny can suck it ! " I did, and the old gal fell to it. She was excellent at head. He climbs onto my seat, raping my mouth, and gets really loud. "FUCK YES, SUCK MY DIDK, SUCK IT ! " I put my hand on Granny's head and accidently pulled "her" wig off. "She" was actually an old man, and looked distressed, getting up to leave. The young man demanded he stay , but, " Granny " ran out. A girl from the counter came in and told us to " Quit that nastiness ! " The young man thrusts a few more times and floods my mouth with his seed. He zips up and tells me, "When I fuck that old bitch tonight it's gonna hurt ! " and he left. I kind of wanted to be " Granny ".

  • I had no idea how much I wanted what my wife would describe the many cocks she sucked while we were separated a few years back. At 49 She described all the young guys that used to pound her and all the places she would give strangers blow jobs in public places. All while I stayed home waiting and being the good hubby. It turned me on as she described how some would cum in huge spurts and some quickly. The different sides and thickness. How some took longer to get hard or to shoot off.
    I wanted to be her believe it or not. One day while at a work conference I met a young guy who was away from home and very aroused. I invited him to my room after leaving the bar. I couldn’t believe the size of another guys cock until you hold it or try to put it inside of your mouth. I sucked him as if I were my wife and thought about something as big as he was going inside of her. I could see why she enjoyed other guys cock compared to mine. I couldn’t believe what I had and expected her to enjoy my little cock. He eventually came so much more than I have ever. Now it’s easy to see how females cannot just take a small cock and one expect her to be fully fulfilled

  • I recently crossed a line and sucked a big cock too. It was my first experience with a man, and it was amazing how fun it was to stroke and suck on such a huge dick. He made mine look tiny

  • My neighbor and I have been sucking each other off for years. Wife flat out refuses to do it. For a while, he would blow me and I'd go. For the past few years it's been mutual. I thoroughly enjoy our oral sessions

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