I did Terry's mom

The third time Terry and I exchanged ass-fucks his mother came upon us as I was pounding him up the ass. This is the story of how I found out she'd seen me fuck her son.

After talking on the phone one day my mother told me that Terry's mom had called and asked if I could go over and help her and Terry move the freezer. I told mom I'd be happy to go over, but didn't tell her that I planned to fuck Terry's mouth when I got the chance. But when I got there his mother told me he wasn't home, and wouldn't be until the next day. My cock started to throb at the idea of his mom and me, alone. Her name was Denise, she was in her 30's and had a nice figure, her tits were C-cup and she had an ass that was built for fucking, broad and well-rounded on legs nicely shaped. I always thought Terry was a lucky guy to get to fuck her.

Denise was wearing a dress with narrow shoulder-straps, and it went to just above her knees, and when she walked past the large living-room window I got a very good look at a silhouette of her shape in the dress. I also could see between the buttons that she had no bra on, and the dress was a light enough material that I could see her nipples and a dark triangle at her crotch. My cock was rock-hard at what I was seeing. I sat on the couch and she sat across from me in a big arm-chair, her legs parted but providing no show because the dress covered her crotch. I knew the bulge in my pants was visible but I made no attempt to hide it. She ran a hand through her long grey hair, grey that she was not self-conscious about, but proud to wear down below her shoulders. "I saw you screwing my son the other day." I did not answer, but began to consider where this may go. "Do you like screwing guys?"

"I'm a teen-aged boy with raging hormones, I'll fuck anything that's warm." My eyes were glued to her legs as she crossed them, exposing a very well shaped thigh. She told me that she was worried that Terry would end up queer if he kept doing guys, I told her not to worry, he's done girls too, but like me, he's horny all the time.

"Have you done any girls?" I told her that I had and that I much preferred them, but when my cock is hard I'll do anybody. "Is it hard now?" I walked over to her, dropped my pants and underwear and displayed my throbbing cock. "I suppose you'd like to put that in me?" Her smile was inviting.

"I would be honoured." I removed my shirt and I could see that my teen build impressed her. Denise then told me that Terry has screwed her before when she was drunk and she let him so he could see what it felt like to have his dick in a woman. "Why not let him do you when you're sober?"

She focused on my cock, slid out of the chair and wrapped her mouth around it. It was such a beautiful sight, my cock in her mouth and her blue eyes looking up at me. After easing her mouth back and forth for a few minutes she took it in her hand and said "You have the meatiest cock I've ever seen." She took it into her mouth again, sucked every inch in, paused, then started to rapidly bob her face back and forth on the full length of my "meaty" cock, I smiled as I put a hand on each side of her head and started face-fucking her. It was so good fucking my friend's mother's face with all eight, thick inches and she was so good at taking me down her throat, without once gagging. With a couple good thrusts I blasted my jism down her throat and watched her gasp when a wad spurt up and out of her nose.

I helped Denise back into the chair and with a look of disappointment she said, "I was looking forward to..." Before she could finish I shook my still hard cock before her. She smiled, spread her legs and pulled them back, revealing her thick bush and the wet, pink lips within. I guided my cock to those pink lips, pushed the head between them, then drove it all into her and set to pumping her fast and deep. After pounding her for a few minutes I realized my cock felt almost numb and she was panting. I put her legs under my shoulders and my arms around them and was now driving in and out of her as fast and hard as I could, my cock delivering what she wanted while not feeling anything.

"Yes!!!...Yes!!!...Yes!!!..." Denise entire body was shaking and her breathing was erratic. "Oh!!!...Oh!!!...Oh!!!..." She started rolling her head from side to side and her legs began to tremble, then she screamed "OHHHH!!!!!!!! OHHHH!!!!!" The look in her eyes was shock as she convulsed, over and over, as I kept right on pummelling the depths of her cunt. "AAARGGGG......." She was kicking wildly and squirming as I moved her onto her side and buried my cock into her big ass. She screamed again then went limp for a couple minutes before once again starting to shake and tremble. "OHHHH!!!!! Gawd!!!! Fuck me!!!..." I pounded and pounded and pounded as Denise's body squirmed and twitched until I drove deep into her ass and unloaded another wad into her.

Denise seemed to have no control over her body as she shook and trembled, crying out "No more!!!" Whenever I touched her anywhere. "Stop!... Stop!...."
She tried to hold my hands but I found it fun to make her squirm even more.
"No man..... no man has ever.... made me..... shake like that!!!!" It seemed as though she couldn't catch her breath. "And you..... you.... you did it...... you...
oh gawd!" She settled into the chair, still twitching. "You made me shake like never before. Twice!"

Once Denise had caught her breath and calmed down she sat on the couch next to me, I was still naked and my cock was coming back to life again. "Let's go again." Denise seemed to ask when she said "Please, no more."

Before I left Denise squeezed my cock through my pants and said, "Anytime you need someplace to put this, come on back."

Two days later I told Terry about fucking his mother and he congratulated me with a great blow-job. I told him that I thought his mother would let him fuck her when she was sober and that some night soon he should get into bed with her and see what happens.

The orgasm I witnessed that day was the most intense I'd seen, and for a guy who was only 16, it was a proud moment, one that wasn't repeated for a long time. Not even when I fucked Denise again.


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  • I fucked Terry's mom before you did. The pussy wasn't all that not really. I enjoyed your moms pussy much better. Now that pussy felt so fucking good around my short super fat cock. Plus when your mom put those ice cubes in her mouth and sucked my cock and balls. Now that was like so fucking good she made my toes curl right the fuck up like a bird on a wire. Oh man it was awesome. Thanks again Mikey it was great.

  • Like a woman is going to fuck a phag? Get real dude. Women run far away from you HIV infestered homos. Plenty of clean, straight men to fuck, without risking sex with an abominable phag.

  • It's so cool that Terry didn't even mind. Maybe Denise can take turns blowing one of you, while the other of you is fucking her ass?

  • Terry and I are trying to figure out how both of us can fuck her at the same time. I'll let you know what happens.

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