Wife Gabby 2

I already posted one story about Gabby and it was when Jess first got into her pants and they had a live in affair for several months until he and his wife got back together .
After he left we talked about her with other guys and she was concerned about how I would feel mostly gut I had to admit that I sometimes felt jealousy but in truth I really liked watching her fuck because she really gets into it and it is the best porn I have ever watched.
We talked about some of my friends but she was concerned about maybe really likening some guy so we talked about strangers and we laid out ground rules that every guy she met would have to show us recent health certificates about clean of diseases that were transmittable and we ran an add.
Not many men called but we had some luck and we were lucky to find him clean nd good looking and he was black but since it was just for sex that was no problem with either of us and his cock was about the same size as mine so we went with it and he was able to please her very well and afterwards she wanted to know how t felt watching him do her.
Well we have met now with several guys and she has even let the last guy butt fuck her and that was interesting watching his cock head stretch her ass hole open and she talked to me while they fucked and she got a kick out of teasing me as she fingered her clit until she came twice.
Well most of the guys so far have been very respectful to her and twice now I have joined in to sandwich her and now we are talking about maybe getting several guys to do a gang bang.

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  • You deserve to have additional pussy's there for you to fuck also. Why should your wife be having the most fun? Have these guys bring their wives or gf's along. You can be fucking one of them as you watch your wife getting fucked.

  • I don't mind I really get my kick out of watching her do other guys

  • So did I when my wife fucked other guys . Really liked her cum filled pussy love sloppy seconds

  • Nothing like your wife becoming a slut and stretching her pussy out for you. I hope you have a big dick?

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