Fantasy I've had for years

I want to lie in an inflatable kiddie pool in my tightie whities and stroke my cock while a group of guys cum and piss all over me.i mean a group, like six or more. Enough that by the time the last guys drained, the first ones ready for round 2.

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  • A fantasy I've had for years is seeing my mom's sexy body completely naked for at least 15 minutes. I would like her to give me a blowjob or let me fuck her then.

  • I would love to give you your fantasy. But the best I can do is this spring when I am the coach of our towns Little League team I could bring all the boys over for pizza and soda. Then after they drink lots of Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper let them drain their lizards all over you and I will piss in your mouth. I think that would be so fucking cool. Coach Will D.

  • Mmm... That sounds hot too. I did have some... Fun with a couple of brothers when I was thirteen, but we never got around to piss play.

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