Messy kink

Over the past few years, and months in particular, I've been growing increasingly attracted to the idea of scat play with a female. I read that on average, less than 30% of people ever try to live out or pursue a sexual fantasy. I however, do believe I would like to indulge. I'd like to hear from any Drs, doms, newbies or others who are, or think they may be into that shit?

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  • I personally have been into this kink for as far back as I can remember, surprisingly it's a bigger kink than you may think. I always felt that I myself was the odd one out for liking it so much but I soon found out it is far from that.

    My advice to you is to not jump into their deep end with it, figure out what aspects are more to your tastes, some just like them idea of smearing while other like the idea of actually eating, everyone has their own limits to how far and what exactly they enjoy about it.

    Experiment and enjoying yourself, try some videos online and see what you think. Hightide-video are some of them better productions out there.

  • Yes my wife and I love scat play among other things. I lay down and she shits on my chest and she has also pooped on my face. She loves for me to piss in her mouth. I have let her piss all over my face and chest in return. Lots of fun you should give a try. We also watch films of others doing scat play including eating scat. She also whips me. I enjoy that. She once gave head to me and my best friend. That was pretty wild and I was pretty excited to see my wife giving head to another man. My best friend really enjoyed it also. He didn't have a woman of his own at the time. He's not like the most attractive bloke you know. Wife says he's a bit on the homely side but she enjoyed sucking his larger cock. I'm handsome but kind of small in the pants if you know what I mean. I asked her if she thinks she could fuck him and she said not her type whatever that fucking means.

  • Eat that turd right out of the chute?

  • That's a bit bold... Or is it just too nutty?

  • Toot toot?

  • Only if she’s been eating Mexican food. Then her shit is spicy. It’s best if she eats brussel sprouts and kale, with Spam.

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