What its like to be with more than one guy

Hey im female 26, its a huge fantasy of mine to be involved in a gangbang/group sex with a group of guys. i never had the chance to but i was wondering what it actually is like? yes i do anal so im up for all holes type of thing but i read stories and watch porn but i want to know what it really is like for the woman.... is fantasy better than the real thing? should i pursue it?

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  • It depends what you want. It depends what kind of people you have as friends or lovers. If your lover is a user then you will be used and abused, it isn't much fun being treated like dirt. You should be careful in what you wish for.

  • So many factors play a part in this decision, my first threesome wasn’t the way I had expected. Girls night out with every intention on hooking up, the only way to get the guy I wanted was to hook his friend up too. Rules are a must, it started with condoms, but his buddy took it off and made a deposit, wasn’t on the pill. After that I had my tubes tied, it was about time after 4 beautiful kids. It just gradually progressed to 5 guys fucking me, it was a long process in selecting the right men too. It ended up being my husbands friends, I somewhat knew they were clean, and knew who they were. It was great for about 2 years, and then some got greedy, wanted more, wanted to fuck while my husband was in the next room alone, or while he was asleep. It didn’t end well, but we are still married, and those guys don’t get to have me anymore.

  • I always had more male friends than female friends. When I got my own place and didn't have a steady boyfriend (i.e., "in love" with someone) I'd often hang out with my male friends and we'd play. It was fwb multiplied.

    The most I've done is 3 guys at a time, and we did that a few times. The attention is awesome, having one in your mouth, one in your pussy, and one in your hand, while getting your tits played with. They were really sweet, knew what I liked, and the added bonus is if one guy pops too early there is another to take his place. The feeling of being thoroughly and completely dicked made it some of the best sex I ever had. I'm still friends with those guys but I'm married now and my husband isn't into sharing, so those days are over.

  • Yes it's a lot of fun having more than one lover touch you and kiss you and even have sex with you. It was always my husband's fantasy for us to engage in group sex. I didn't really want to at first. But he wouldn't stop nagging me. It was endless. So for his 40th birthday I decided I would do it. I got to pick a stranger we met at a bar. He watched as I danced with this guy and then after about an hour I left with him taking him to a hotel room we had already rented. I told the guy I was married and my husband would be along to watch us. He thought I was joking. Then after my husband showed up he realized I was telling the truth. He said ok sure why not. My husband just watched nothing more. He was so turned on. I was extremely turned on. The sex was awesome. I had never been with anyone other than my husband. Then we ended up joining a group who swapped partners. That was lots of fun and we met others in our community who were like minded. Then my husband told me about his wildest fantasy. He wanted to watch me being ravaged by four or five men. All strangers that he would place an ad for on Craigslist. He wanted all afro American males only. I went along with his fantasy to please him. And I learned a lot about myself along the way. I had no idea I could handle so much sex. He took me to a really nice hotel where we had drinks and then got right down to business. He watched and took video of the encounter. For over six hours they used my body for their pleasure. I was so sore when they were done. I didn't have sex for a whole week after that. It was a bit scary as they used my body and touched me probing every part of me. I sucked them, fucked them in my vagina and my rectum. Over and over. I didn't know I could handle so much semen/ cum. I was scared at first but I did enjoy it. I want to pick the men next time. Preferable younger men say in their early twenties. But I would do it again.

  • My god that is the type level i want to build to but i guess i gota take it slow and build up. did you ever get scared?

  • It definitely is a lot of work with more than two and you better be ready to be constantly touched everywhere with a group. Your nipples will be worn out by the time they all get to have an orgasm. Most of mine have been a threesome but I have had 4-5 guys a couple of times and they all want to be touching you while both ends are being enjoyed.
    Ground rules are the most important thing if you are going to pursue something like this because you do not want a free for all session or you will end up hurt.

  • Okey thanks for the tips, i guess i should start with two guys first, see how that goes and yeah ground rules. great idea. thank you x

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