Brother in-law

Hi my Husband’s brother is a dork
Hes 8 years younger than my husband and
Is a first class nerd.
He come up this week to visit and will be here for two weeks.
My husband works evenings from 3 to 11
So its just him and I on week days.
John wears glasses is short and real awkward around women as far as i know he’s 24 and never had a girlfriend.
So last week i went to take a shower and i heard the outside door shut while i was getting
Undressed . I thought not much of it
Until i heard something outside my window.
Now I’m not completely undressed yet I am in my bra and panties so i put a robe on and go out to living room. John is not there so i go back to the kitchen and i hear door open and he comes back in. I walk by living room he’s sitting on couch not looking at me.
I gi back in bathroom lock the door and look at window. The curtain is open at bottom just enough for someone to peak in. I close it and take my shower. Thinking the entire time that John thought he was going to peek at me.
I decided not to say anything no harm no foul.
All that night and the next day it was on my mind. The next night it was getting dark out about 6:30 i was going to take a shower and
I went in not saying anything to John what i was doing i see the curtain is open alittle again.
I don’t close the door i go to my room.
My mind was racing i had this thought all day about letting him watch now i was trying to think.
Should i??
Then with my heart racing i go back tell John I’m going to get a shower and i go ti bathroom and shut the door. A few minutes later i hear the front door close knowing he is out there my heart is pounding.
Why am i so excited i think?
I take off my clothes keeping my back to window like a shy girl.
I go get in shower and calmed my nerves i shampoo my hair letting the soap wash down over my body.
I get out and dry off and knowing he is watching was making me horny.
I decided to stay naked and comb my hair.
Then i sit on toilet for awhile thinking then decided to give him one more thing.
I lean back and pretended to be masturbating.
I start rubbing myself and out of nowhere I really did come.
I clean up and get dressed.
I heard John come in just before i walk out of bathroom.
Anyway that evening he wasn’t very talkative.
The next day he was and yes i gave him a show every night until he left.

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  • As a long time voyeur, I appreciate this story, and what you did for John. It's probably the only way he gets his kicks.

  • Maybe John will get better at his tactics, let him know that if he listens carefully to the sound of the water he’ll be able to hear when you put your shampoo’d head underneath the water and everyone generally closes their eyes when they do that! He can put his whole head in the shower and get close up looks of your nudeness when you rinse off...

  • If I were John, I'd have skipped the outside view. I'd have come into the bathroom at least once, and fucked your sweet pussy until I busted the biggest nut inside of you.

  • Out of nowhere I really did cum?
    I’ve always believed that women cum as a result of rubbing themselves?
    Sounds like you found a new thing... exhibitionism can be addictive and if you’re looking for viewers that can be arranged.
    I hope John comes to visit often I’d love to read how it progresses.
    Happy showing!

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