Do you get off at work often?

While I worked in a white collar job, I had a cubical next to an engineering that liked to tell me his kinky thoughts he’d have at work and how he fantasied about the women that worked there.

Well we worked next to each other for over 4 years and he apparently became very trusting and rightfully so because this is the first time I’m repeating what he told me!

His thoughts were elaborate details of sex acts with his female boss and some of the secretaries... he said he’d work himself up so much that he’d have to go to men’s room and take care it. He was so detailed about it, that he even shared which stall he used and which men’s room.

I found it strange when he’d share his fantasies and even stranger when I knew the time and place he’d go to do it.

The first few weeks after he shared his fetish, I’d be standing at my desk when he’d return and he’d started giving me the nod, indicating whether or not he jacked it...

After he covered most of all the women at work he began sharing stories of him and his wife’s sex life...,I guess he found it passed the day faster. Or he was just that kinky?

I’m not sure, is this something that happens for a lot of people?

I know my wife did it a lot at work from her stories.

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  • I'm a teacher and I have done it tons. Usually in the staff bathrooms but sometimes under my desk when the kids aren't in class. In fact I'm stroking it right now. I have about 45 mins before my next class.

  • I worked at this company years ago and the owner was quite the wild character, most of the people working there were men and I think there were like four or five women. This was in the late eighties to early nineties so the work atmosphere was way different than now.
    Anyways one week things went crazy good financially for the company, the owner had this huge party on Friday, catered, strippers, liquor, I was amazed at how crazy it was getting. I guess it was about an hour into this and one of the women grabs my tie and starts pulling me towards the door, we end up back in some meeting room and she tells me she wants to fuck. I was standing there looking at her then like two minutes later we are both naked and just going at it. She was totally in control telling me to do all sorts of things harder, faster, longer, she was on top of me at one point just slamming herself down on my cock. It was absolutely my best day at work ever.

  • 70's were worse. Going to college I worked part time at supermarket. Most of the cashiers were divorces in their 30's. They just love sucking the college boys' dicks. We had big boxes stacked up in the back for a makeshift BJ room. We built that around the stack of recycled cardboard (yes we did recycled) for a BJ bed. couple times I got laid there. It had to be done in 13 minutes -- so usually a BJ. Mid 70's my wife to be tells me, sort of brags, how she would give her boss blowjobs in his office, and fuck him after hours on the conference table. She said 3 other girls were doing the same. Why? 'I was young, horny, my BF sucked in bed, I'm subservient, he looked like Cary Grant and he wanted to sick his big dick in me.'

  • Was it coworker or a stripper?

  • I had a great coworker at my last job, she and I got along so well and she brought up having sex. I was thinking she meant after work at one of our places but she meant at work. Most of the time we had sex in this one bathroom but quite a few times she got under my cube desk and gave me a blow job. I wanted to get under her desk but she told me no way she could handle that with her orgasm.

  • Late 90's I had a college girl summer help. I was mid 40's. She was to do all my paper work and billing (tech work) -- She was hot and smitten on me. She would fuck up this government form they required when we did work for them. It was antiquated -- a printer needed was an electric typewriter -- it got worse. "billy, oh billy -- if you do the gov form I'll show you my tits, OK?" Sure, from then on she would show me just for hell of it. And she liked to hear how I fucked my wife. On her last day 'you never talk about wife blowjobs, i know older wives don't give them, take me let's do lunch and I'll give you one in your Bronco." My wife was and still is a BlowJob Queen she loves them and they're way better than college girl's. Blowing my load in her little pretty mouth, priceless.

  • In the 38 yes I’ve worked, I have jerked off 4 or Five times. I have also had sex at work maybe 18 or 20 times. For years I have worked in an office environment and it’s easier than you would think to get to know someone a little better than you set out to, and then feelings develop. I’ve had women at times that were so sexy they could make me horny as hell with just a simple conversation! These have been the fuel for having to go jerk off! I have also fallen in love with 5 different women in my career at work, including my wife. So my short answer is yes! lol

  • I'm not sure why this guy feels the need to let you know when he has just beat his meat, but you don't seem to mind it. I'm not sure why he switched gears to talking about having sex with his wife. Does he have a picture of her on his desk?

  • Yes he did have a picture of his wife and two boys on his desk.. work with someone for over 4 years and the topics can become pretty personal...didn’t seem to mind it? I’m a guy talking to another guy about sex, what would you have done differently? Both men around 30, I don’t think the HR department would have wanted to hear it. lol

  • I meant you don't seem to mind him telling you every time he's choked his chicken. Being straight, I don't think I'd care for an ejaculation report, but that's just me. Now that your coworker is sharing stories about his sex life with his wife, maybe he wants you to get in on the action? You know what she looks like from the picture, do you think you'd like to fuck her?

  • She was hot, but this happened a few jobs back and I haven’t kept in touch with him...
    I guess he really wasn’t my cup of tea so to speak.

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