I think she suspects something

My wife and I have been married for 12 years. I’m 45 and she is 31. I’m handsome, pretty fit and moderately successful. My wife is intelligent, quite pretty, very fit and somewhat reserved.

I travel a lot and work a lot. I am sometimes mentally absent from our marriage. It’s nothing personal against her it’s just I am very busy with work and industry groups I belong to. I’ll admit I’ve cheated a few times mostly out of loneliness mostly caused by my mental absence from my marriage which causes my wife to become rather bitchy. Sorry best word I can think of. When she’s like that all I want is someone else. She’s also very reserved when it comes to her sexuality. So it was very surprising to me last Friday when she was taking a bath and called me into the bathroom. She started out as matter of fact as if she was saying she was getting the car washed.

She said “Listen, I’ve been having an affair and I’m not going to stop unless you straighten up!” Yes I was floored. I asked a ton of questions. Some she answered some she didn’t. What I did find out was the following; He was quite a bit older. He is 53. Semi-retired, Handsome with salt n pepper hair which she loves, divorced with two kids in their early 20s, yes they have had sex. A LOT!! They did at first but aren’t using protectIon now because she likes the way he feels in her. She has told her best friend and another friend who also is having an affair. She met him while having coffee at a chain coffee place. She approached him. It was three weeks before they had sex. She went to accidentally meet him with the purpose of having sex (yes I asked and she was very appealing that day - tight outfit showing off her very nice body and a tight shirt showing off her tits). It was amazing!! Gentle at first, passionate and Hard. It’s been going on for 5 months. She isn’t in love but definitely has very strong feelings for him and he her but he doesn’t want to marry her. She doesn’t want a divorce and still loves me but will not keep living this way.

What she wouldn't tell me is the kind of sex acts they’ve done (I practically begged her to tell me), his name, if her friends that know have met him, when I’m traveling do they go on dates and has he ever been to our house (goes to reason she wouldn’t say if they’ve fucked at our house), how big is his cock, is he bigger than me (but by her reaction he is), has she sent him any nudes or have they taken pictures or recorded themselves in sexual acts, has he introduced her to his friends or family, where does he live (obviously locally but she wouldn’t tell me where), has she done things with him she hasn’t or won’t with me (again by her reaction SHE HAS).

We talked for a long time. A lot of things I’ve been doing wrong came out. Many that I agree with some I do not agree with. As I was asking about him and their sex I admit I was getting slightly turned on. I honestly did not want to but I found myself having to adjust myself and realized I was semi hard and precum had oozed out. Not a little but a lot. I know she saw my reactions and how I had to adjust myself when I asked if they fuck a lot and she said yes. I probably could have cum when she said “I wanted him so when I went to meet him I looked incredible! I looked so hot that the guy behind the counter gave me his number! Yes I am so wanted by men!!! They want to fuck me!” I was speechless. The only thing I could say is what did you wear. Dumbass! I know she knows I was sexually excited when after more talking, arguing and yelling I asked if she still wanted to see him even if I try to straighten up, she said “He so amazing I don’t think I could go without him fucking me. So unless you makes a lot of changes I’m probably going to keep seeing him for a long time!!!” I know she knows I was sexually excited because she saw my dick. Very hard and sticking straight up. She said “Oh my god!!! Why are you hard? That’s sick!! Do you like that I’m having an affair? You need help!!!”

That was last week. On Tuesday I told her I had a lot of meetings and probably wouldn’t be available. So I drove to work and left my phone there. She checks my location. I have an old phone so I tracker her to the coffee shop. There they were sitting together for 30 minutes or so. Yes the fucker is handsome!!! Then he left alone. I was surprised but happy. Then she left and went the same way he did. 10 minutes later I found the house. 3,000 sf or more. I drove back to work. Confused, Excited, Hard, Hurt and so on. Lots of mixed emotions. Four hours later Around 3 I went home. I got home 20 minutes before she left his house. 15 minutes later she arrived home. She was startled but then said “Oh your home. I guess I’m sorry. I usually take a shower before you get home.” Then went directly into the bedroom. I followed. Within seconds she was stripped of her clothes and yea she did smell, reaked of sex. He panties were sitting next to the laundry basket and I instinctively picked them up. She laughed and said “Yeah they certainly have cum in them!!” She went to the shower and turned it on. She was admiring her body in the mirror when I came in. She said “He loves my body. Tells me how sexy I am all the time.” She turned to get in the shower and saw I was hard. She saw because I had my dick out. She laughed a little laugh and said “WOW!!! Look how hard you are! Are you going to stroke it? Or do you want to fuck me? If you fuck me I have to warn you..” Spreading her legs she stuck two fingers in her pussy and pulled out cum. His cum!!! And continued “You’re going to fuck me with his cum as lube!!!” Then got in the shower. For whatever reason I stood outside the shower and jerked off. She watched and said “Oh! Are you going to cum? Do it!!! Cum knowing your wife just got tucked by another man!!!!” I jerked off so hard and fast and exploded. Rope and rope hit the shower door. She actually complimented me and said “Wow! You haven’t cum like that since before we were married.” Then followed it up with “He cums like that every time but more.” Then she turned her back to me and soaped herself up. Paying special attention to her recently fucked pussy.

Why am I so conflicted!!? Turned on but I guess disgusted by my wife’s behavior. I jerk off watching her lovers cum pulled out of her pussy. What’s wrong with me??

Please help!!!


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  • This situation is complex. There’s been a complete power exchange. Your wife holds all the cards. More has changed than you guess. Even with all the necessary ‘changes,’ forsaking her lover means huge sacrifices on her part. Nor do I see any guarantee that she would follow through. It’s more a case of ‘without major changes, I won’t even consider this.’

    She said you need help. That’s true. You’ve been angry. You’ve argued. You’ve yelled. That you close with a plea for help is the most positive part of your post. You’re confused, conflicted, excited, disgusted, hard, hurt and more. You need to decide what you want, but you don’t even know how to proceed. You’re completely off balance and you’re floundering.

    You don’t know what to do.

    More has changed than you guess, and the case for your wife continuing this affair is very strong. Your first step to come to terms with all this is to understand the situation deeply and as it really is. That is the basis for everything else. This will require much discussion, and I’ve given you as much as I’m willing to do here. If you want more, you must write me privately at …


    If you wish to proceed, write me with a summary of events and conversations that have transpired since you made your post. My ability to assist/work with you turns on the quality of the insights and details you share with me. I’ll check my mail over the next few days. The ball is in your court now.

    All the best to you.

  • I guess deep down you are ok with her fucking around. you should know that your marriage is over and if you want a relationship with your wife you are going to have to do things her way. What i am saying is that she now will fuck anybody she wants , she may or may not tell you and if you don't like that she will through you out and there is nothing you can do about it.

  • It does seem crazy. My wife isn't having an affair, but I honestly wish she was. I for sure would follow her into the shower in your story, and kiss my way down until she was grinding her used pussy on my face. Embareassing to admit even to myself

  • Just accept your place on a lower rung of the food chain. You're just a little cuck and cleanup boy. You'd be lucky to ever meet him, and get on your knees and suck his bigger, better, more full of cum cock. Hope that helps.

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