I dream of being a slave to worthless men

I don't know why I constantly fantasize about being a slave to guys that are just ass holes or worthless fat bastards or homeless etc... I just keep coming back to that! I want some ugly ass retarded guy to just manhandle me. I'm not even gay but it just won't go away! nightskylife@gmx. com

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  • Honey that's nothing. I have been slave to a worthless man for going on 25 years. He is 375 lbs of fucking lard. I refer to him as dirt that sits on the sofa. He is smelly and doesn't shower but once a week if I'm lucky. I no longer have sexual relations with him due to the fact his penis has recessed back inside of his body. Not that it gets an erection any more either. But he is so repulsive sitting watching the boob tube and eating his favorite a family sized bucket of original KFC with all the sides plus a 2 liter of Pepsi plus all the sides and biscuits. I mean what would feed a family of eight people. I sleep in our bed and he sleep in his lazy boy recliner 10-12 hours. Once the AC went out when we lost power and I had to call the fire department as his bare skin had stuck to the pleather of his recliner. Talk about embarrassing moments. So you have no idea what it's like to be with a worthless man. If it wasn't for his SSI monthly check we would be either living with my mother or homeless. I hope this will cause you to look deep inside yourself and decide to abandon your worthless fantasy. Miserable in New Jersey .

  • A bucket of KFC I about pissed myself reading your story. Holy fucking fried chicken Batman! Leave the fat fucker. You deserve to enjoy life for a change.

  • You claim to want to be a slave to men you deem worthless, like the fat, homeless, and retarded. In reality, you think yourself vastly superior to these men, so, your little play-acting ruse will be difficult to manage. One hopes you meet a true monster and wind up in a plastic bag in a landfill.

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