Cross dresser

I really desire to be with a cross dresser with a nice ass. I would love to have him dressed up in heels and thigh highs lace panties and bra and short tight skirt. I would love to have him come over and hang out. I would love to have him take off his skirt and admire him. Watching that ass walking around in my house. I would love to have him tease me. Then I would like it if he dressed me up in sexy lingerie. I would love to have sex with him while we’re both dressed up. I would make love to his pussyass. Omg that’s my fantasy.

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  • What an arsehole you are, your giving decent crossdresser's a bad name, cunt

  • Now listen here you queer prick, most crossdressers are straight, very few are gay, your just a poofter that likes to crossdress as an excuse

  • Many are gay NOT MOST, you UGLY TROLL!!!!!!!

  • No prizes for second, queer prick

  • I am a pretty crossdresser sweetie and I would love to play with you. I would dress you in sexy girly clothes, caress your dick while I pull your panties over your suspenders, kiss you while I'm fastening your bra and you are caressing my silky nylon panties feeling my erection, touch you while I let your silky slip fall onto your shoulders. Would you like that?
    'Then there's more to come!!

  • Hey sexy where are you. I want your sexy body

  • I live in the UK, have my own place and a huge collection of ladies wear. I adore a big penis penetrating my bum and the feeling of cum as it leaks from my anus with every final thrust from my lover.
    I like older men as they really appreciate the sensation I can give them as they hold my large erection as they fuck me. I've also learnt to clench my bum around their penis's as we are fucking getting every last drop of cum.
    I currently have three regular boyfriend, all married and who live locally. I adore each of them and they each have a preference for how I dress for them which they don't get at home.
    Tell me more about yourself.
    Chiffon Sissy.

  • Hi Chiffon I’m a health care professional. I’m single 6 feet brown hair green eyes athletic build. I love cross dresser and sometimes I like to dress when at home. I would treat you like a princess and admire your sexy body. I would love to take you out for dinner and dancing. I hope to hear from you soon. Rob

  • Hello Rob
    You sound really lovely and I would like to hear more about you.
    I am not a "Queer" but ever since I was first at secondary school and was seduced by a master I have been gay and felt very feminine. From an early age and when I was growing up I always looked more like a girl and after a while I began to cultivate the feminine appearance more and more. With exercise I developed my breasts and they became more sensitive. I am a true crossdresser but also a transvestite as I go about in public fully dressed as a woman "not in drag"!!
    I work in media and my colleagues fully accept me as I am, but away from them I am really naughty!! I love to flirt, to attract a man's attention, especially in the summer when I wear floaty skirts and dresses which blow about in the wind, "a Marylyn Monroe experience" very arousing!! Also sitting in a pub with my friend Jack while showing more leg than I should to some bloke with his wife, very naughty!!
    My friend Jack, who is also a neighbour and retired is in love with me. His wife Ethel knows he visits me but doesn't know what we get up to as she is always friendly towards me. Jack is a real bull, randy and deliciously well built. I know he takes Viagra but that gives him "staying power" which I like and he loves to fuck me when I am fully dressed like a fifties woman with suspenders, stockings, silky French knickers and flouncy petticoats, the naughty boy!!
    Chiffon Sissy


  • OHHHHHH!! I'm really getting to you aren't I, you ugly troll. What is it with you, jealousy, can't get a hard on, smelly???? You poor devil having to resort to bad language to try and make your point.
    Chiffon Sissy.

  • Oh I would love to dress up with you. I would love to caress your sexy ass in panties. Let me lick you all over. I’ll slide down your panties and suck you while I’m dressed up for you. I would love to do 69 with you. Tell me more baby.

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