Feel awful about it

Quick confession. Been married 2 years. It's been nice. We don't have kids or want any. My husband is great. I went out for lunch with a friend and a guy friend of hers. They are not dating. We had a nice lunch and went back to my friend's place.

We were chatting, drinking wine, and things seemed nice and a little flirty. The guy asked if we were up for a threesome and we said sure. We did it and I don't regret it, except a little. The sex was awesome.

My husband is a gem, totally faithful and loving. He would be heartbroken if he knew I cheated, but in reality I just wanted to try new cock. I'd only been with my husband and was curious. I think it's out of my system, except the sex was so good that I kind of want to do it again. Just being honest.


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  • Most girls sleep with at least 5 guys before they get married, half have 10 under their belt.
    If you were my wife I would try to set you up with a trusted buddy before we married. I know just the one -- he has a small dick.
    But since that never happened -- you get a hall pass for your menage a trois -- that was your perfect storm. My wife is in that 5 to 10 partner box -- I'd still give her a pass for a 3 way -- would love to hear her tell me she licked some pussy. Did you? If she did it with 2 guys -- I'd put her in the Dog House for a week, then I want full report.

  • You will keep doing it because you can get away with it. You will keep doing it because you love the thrill of screwing another man. You want more and you know it. Just being honest

  • I was also married when I hung out with my friend and a guy she really liked and wanted to get with but was shy so I tagged along with her for support.They got on great but halfway through the date I realised this guy might have the hots for me.We had to take my friend home because she got too drunk.We helped her into bed and then just hung out downstairs. Eventually he told me he really likes me and was anything possible. I don't know what came over me but I said nothing serious because my friend is into you but I'll suck your dick.He got it out and it was quite a generous portion.I got on my knees and sucked him off thinking this is so bad of me but I'll keep it at just a blow job. He had other thoughts.He pulled my skirt up and knickers down and began rubbing my pussy.I pulled his hand away a few times but then gave in.He was easily getting 2 fingers in me and was really hitting the spot.He then moved under me and stuck his head between my legs and began eating my pussy.69 is my favourite foreplay but my husband hates eating me.I sucked on him as he ate me and 15 minutes in I came really hard.He rolled out from under me and while I was still on my knees with no time to protest he stuffed his big willy in me.God it felt so good though.He pounded me quite hard and it wasn't long before my next orgasm was building up.I had to bury my face and bite a cushion because I was starting to moan.He got me a second time and then emptied his balls in my married pussy,naughty boy.After he left and I waited for my friend to sober up.She knew nothing of what happened.It then became a habit. We'd go out she'd get drunk and me and him would bang while she slept.The sex got way too addictive and I told him I had to stop so he started fucking her.They dated for a little while but it didn't last.I felt like such a bad wife and friend but can't deny I loved the good sex.

  • I had a bad reputation with a small circle of girls I hung out since my teens, they knew I loved licking pussy. Late 20's and 3 of them are married to husbands who are not into giving oral. In all there was 6 who I had sex within the group. They all went to the same Catholic High School 50 years ago. Guys giving their wives oral was a little taboo. But I had them spoiled. These 3 I'd meet up separately , in my car, and give them oral, they'd usually give me a blowjob in return but one I was also fucking. All because their husbands wouldn't do the dirty deed. Once you had it's oral giving it up is like putting the toothpaste back in the tube. You'll meet a trusted guy on a dirt road who will do it for you. So don't fell bad.

  • So hot. Did this guy cum a lot in you? You took those creampie loads back to your unwitting husband? Lucky he doesn't like to eat you out but he just have noticed you were extra moist and stretched when he slid into you at night.

  • Yes I let him cum in my every time.On the pill and hate condoms.I normally showered before I went home. Doubt he noticed I as I was usually days after that we eventually would have sex but sometimes I couldn't help thinking about that guy before or during sex with my hubby and it would make very wet and cause me to get off nice and quick. And my hubby never makes me moan but when I think about cheating it makes me moan a little so it boosts his ego alot.

  • It’s amazing how addictive it can be!

  • Just being stupid.

  • That’s how it starts. I was in a similar situation and now I can’t stop cheating, threesomes, orgies you name it and I’m game

  • You should own up to it, everyone has the right to enjoy themselves. When I caught my wife after only 3 years of being married, it was like 1999. Stayed married but I had a new affair every 6 months for over 10 years!

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